How do you make an Extra Large Coil Book?

July 26, 2018

Extra Large Spiral Binding Plastic Coil Book

Want to make an extra large spiral coil binding book? It is easier that you may think, and requires all of the same machines that traditional smaller books do, with just one simple change. Whether you want to make large activity books for children, as pictured, want to bind together architectural blueprints and plans, make an art portfolio for your large prints, or anything else, using a long plastic spiral coil is a great way to do it. Below you will find what you need to make an extra large spiral binding document, as well as instructions for how to make it.

What you Need to Bind a Large Coil Book:

    Spiral binding machine - AKA a punch machine. Large coils use the same pitch (hole spacing) as the smaller coils, which is called 4:1 pitch, so you don't need a special machine to make an extra long book. The only thing you need to check for is to be sure that it has an open-ended punching throat (gosh, I hate that term...). This means that the punch opening is not closed off and, instead, has at least one side open so longer sheets will still be able to be punched. It is even better if they have a hole alignment peg as well, but you can align your pages with the hole guide just as easily. The full capability of the punching length will be double the binding if you have a 14" binding edge, you can make up to a 28" long book.

    Coil inserting machine - This is an optional machine, and sometimes it is already included on the punch machine as well. The electric rollers just make it faster to actually roll the coil into the punched pages. When working with extra long coils, that can be a big time saver (and it can save the irritation of hand rolling too)!

    Crimping tool - This is a requirement to finish the ends of the coil and make sure that it doesn't roll out. You can use a set of hand crimping pliers, or you can get an electric crimping machine. Which one you need will just depend on your volume and how many large spiral binding books you plan to make.

    Extra long 36" length coil bindings - We keep them in stock! In fact, they are a very popular choice for anyone doing odd-sized books, whether large or small, since they can be cut down to any size less than 36", without any waste. Just select the 36" length from the drop down on the page.

How to Bind a Large Coil Book:

    ① Punch your pages - Use your machine to punch your pages, as normal. Punch once, flip over your book and align it with the hole pattern on your machine (or use the peg, if you have one) and punch the other side.

    ② Roll in the plastic binding coils - Once all your pages are punched, put them onto a curved table (usually on your punch machine) to give the binding spine the same curve as the coil, which will make it easier to insert. Then either roll the coils in all the way through by hand, or just roll it through the first several holes, and then hold it against a roller inserter. Leave about 1/2" or so of coil on each end to allow for crimping.

    ③ Crimp the ends - Then just crimp in both ends of the coil. And you're done!

So there you go! I bet you didn't know it would be that easy, huh?! If you have any questions, or need some help, don't hesitate to reach out to us - we are the document bindnig experts, after all. You can call us at (866) 537-2244, click that live chat button on your screen, or email us at

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