Best All-in-One Coil Binding Machines

March 25, 2021

The BEST All-in-One Coil Binding Machine

Spiral coil binding machines have been around for a long time. For decades you have been able to buy a coil binder online and make your own spiral-bound books. But in these years past, the types of coil binding systems on the market were a bit limited. You might be saying, "Limited? I can make my own spiral books, that's not limited", but the truth is that these machines only had certain capabilities and only handled certain steps of the process. 


For example, you could buy a manual coil binding machine where you pulled a handle down to punch the holes. But once you're done with that, you manually roll the spines in by-hand and use little pliers to crimp-in the edges. So the machine itself only actually accomplishes the punching step, missing the last two. Or you could buy an electric coil binding machine that also used a manually-pulled handle to punch the holes, but included an electrical roller/inserter attached that assists in inserting the coils into those holes. But you still needed to employ those manual cutter/crimper pliers to finish the ends. But now, in 2021, we finally have an innovative system that is truly all-in-one, featuring the puncher, the inserter, and the electric crimper integrated into the machine for a quick, simple, non-hand-cramping-for-high-volume solution.


Needless to say, we LOVE this innovation. And honestly, we're quite surprised it hadn't done it sooner. But we digress! So let's dive in and go over the BEST all-in-one spiral coil binding machine on the market today: the CoilMac-EX Pro from Akiles!

CoilMac-EX Pro

Punch, Insert, and Crimp Spiral Machine from Akiles

The Akiles CoilMac-EX Pro is your ultimate all-in-one electric coil binding machine. With this electric coil binder, you will not be needing other machines or tools to professionally bind a document or report, as it conveniently combines the features of a coil punch, inserter, and crimper into one, compact machine. This streamlines the process of coil binding, which makes for faster and smoother operation and production.


Stand-Out Features:

The CoilMac EX Pro is a seriously awesome binding machine with convenient and impressive features that give you total control over the process. Maybe more automation sounds ideal on the surface, but that would limit your capabilities and increase the price point. The ability to adjust nearly every feature on this system makes it a truly versatile coil binder. Here are some of the best features that make this system one of our favorites in the industry.


Punches oval holes - This makes inserting coils (especially for thicker books) smoother and easier; there is less catching the edge of the coils in the book block as you roll them in.

Electric roller inserter - Of course, we know that since this is an all-in-one system, it has an incorporated electrical inserting roller. But this roller is great because it is full-size and adjustable to your spiral diameter. The rubber roller is stationary, but the plastic roller can be set close or further from the rubber roller, so you can set it to the ideal distance for your coil spine size.

Printed guides - As is pretty standard for most Akiles machines, there are all of these handy little guides printed directly onto the system to help with the setup and execution of a professionally finished book. On the inserter, you have a guide so you know how to set the adjustable roller for your size. Next to the model name you have a coil guide that can tell you what diameter of coil you have in your hand by just holding it up to the print. In front of the punching throat, you have the hole guide with common measurements. Above the punch pins, you have the same guide to match. And on the side of the machine, you have a margin depth selector to adjust the hole set depth.

Power controls - The foot pedal attachment controls the punch or the crimp; just flip the little switch on top of the machine to switch from one to the other. I personally love foot pedal controlling because I can be more mindful as I work with documents using both free hands. The switch on the front/bottom of the machine turns the electric rollers on and off.

Strong motor - It is kind of a "thing" for manufacturers to just always say "strong motor" when they're describing their equipment. But that is not always the reality. Akiles, however, is pretty well known for integrating powerful punching motors into their machines, without totally breaking the bank with overkill. This keeps the price point in a comfortable position for the typical volume and usage but also provides a sense of confidence and strength that helps the users complete their job properly.

Punch pin customization - With every single one of the 54 punching pins being able to be disengaged, you can essentially turn a specific hole on or off. Just pull the pin into the "out" position. Why is this valuable? When working with standard letter-size pages it gives you more control over the edge margin; you can make the margin a bit larger by stopping the edge pin from punching and adjusting your paper guide. You can also use this function to make shorter or longer books without an accidental half-hole punched on the edge.

Reverse feature - We're all guilty of trying to punch as many pages as we possibly can at one time. And sometimes this leads to an overload or jam. This machine does have a manual jam release function that will reverse the motor. This can help to prevent damage to the machine and can help prevent the pages from getting stuck on the punching pins. It is not a "clear all", though, so be sure that you are really paying attention to the sheet capacity indicated, as well as listening to the machine and lowering the page count if it strains. Remember that capacity will vary depending on your paper stock, and the 25 sheet specification is really just based on basic copy paper; not coated stocks, not covers, etc. This goes for all machines, though, so it is certainly not a negative aspect of this unit.


Machine Specifications:

Now down to the details; the specs! These will help you plan for the space in your office, and truly compare it with other machines side-by-side from a more simplistic, matter-of-fact method.

Model Name CoilMac-EX Pro
Manufacturer Akiles Products, Inc.
Manufacturer Item No. ACM-EX41+ Pro
Punching Capacity 25 Sheets (Depending on Paper Stock)
Hole Shape/Size Oval Holes, 4mm x 5mm
Compatible Coil 4:1 Pitch (0.248") Plastic Spiral Binding, All Diameters
Inserting Function Yes, Electric Roller Inserter (Adjustable)
Crimping Function Yes, Electric One-Sided Crimper (Adjustable)
Punching Length 13.5" Punch Opening (Open-Ended Allows for Double Length to 27")
Punching Pins 54 Pins, All Disengageable
Warranty 1 Year Limited Akiles Warranty Included
Machine Dimensions 18" W x 16" D x 10" H
Machine Weight 55 lbs.


We hope this document-binding blog has been helpful for you and your business. Whether you are making presentations for clients, making journals for sale on Etsy, or anything else, a classic, clean, and professional spiral-bound book is a smart choice. Especially when made quickly and easily with an all-in-one spiral binder like the CoilMac EX Pro electric coil binding machine.

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