Accel Air Packaging Machines Save Space and Increase Efficiency for Warehouses

May 2, 2019

A revelation in the packaging industry, the new Accel Air line of packaging machines from Spiral are the most compact and affordable air packagers offering industrial-level speeds and efficiency.

These air packagers pack (excuse the pun) a big punch in a tiny package, saving you valuable and expensive storage space. And because the machines fill the film with air, that means that storing the film also saves you a huge amount of space over traditional pre-filled bubble wraps and protective packaging materials. In fact, one box of Accel Air films is equal to approximately 10½ rolls of traditional bubble that is a lot of space!

The speed they offer is perfectly matched so you can quickly make air cushioning without loosing control of the film. The air films currently available include two kinds of bubble pads, either a standard with a 1½" bubble diameter or a mini with a 3/4" bubble diameter, as well as single air pillows. These films are perfect for not just void fill, but also wrapping your delicate items before shipping to ensure everything arrives to your customer in perfect condition.

In addition to the condition of arrival of your actual merchandise, a well-packaged item also tells your customers that you care about their needs. No one wants to have to call a business and say that their item was damaged because of insufficient protective packaging, and with the Accel Air packaging machines and films, you can eliminate that problem before it ever happens.

There are two models of packaging machines in the Accel Air line: the Accel Air 1 and the Accel Air 3.

Accel Air 1 and Air 2 Packaging Machines Side-by-Side

The Air 1 packager sits comfortably on any table or desktop, with the roll sitting vertically so it doesn't take up more desk space once loaded. Easy to load and set up, just turn on the machine, wind the film forward and behind the specially designed tension bars, place the opening of the film over the air nozzle, and turn the start dial. It will automatically pull the film through the machine, filling it with the perfect amount of air at a speed of 9 ½ feet per minute. This peed is easy to control, so your bubble wrap doesn't go out of control when your users are multi-tasking with other items. The amount of air ejected is adjustable with a simple twist of a knob, so you can add less air for the bubble pads, or more for the air cushions. Instructions are conveniently printed on the machine so new users can learn how to load and use the machine in a snap. Watch the Accel Air 1 video below to see it in action, and to learn more.

The Air 3 has all the same great features as the Air 1, plus more. For one, it can run on a tabletop, or it can be mounted to the wall to completely eliminate the need for counter space. It is also faster, creating premium air filled packaging materials at 26 feet per minute. It also had a built-in handle on the front that makes for more portability. And finally, it features a foot pedal in addition to the on/off button, so you can choose whether you want to work hands-free or not. These added benefits makes the Accel Air 3 the premium solution. All of this packed into such a small machine is an impressive feat! Watch this Accel Air 3 video for more information and to see it in-action.

So now that yo know a bit about each air packager, and hopefully you have watched the videos to see how they work, you should have a very clear idea of how they work and the benefits of each. But just in case you need a bit more info, here is a comparison chart with the most notable features listed.

Model Accel Air 1
Accel Air 3
Speed 9 ½ Feet per Minute 26 Feet per Minute
Configuration Table-Top Table-Top or Mounted to Wall
Warm-Up Time 3 Minutes
Sleep Mode After 2 Hours of Inactivity
Dimensions 18" x 8 ½" x 8 ½"

Accel Air film is made from HDPE 2 plastic

To go along with these innovative machines, they are compatible with the specialty Accel Air films, which are all 100% recyclable and made of HDPE 2 films. HDPE 2 stands for high density polyethylene and this fact is important for sustainability of the item, and makes them much more eco-friendly than harmful alternatives, like peanuts or other plastic numbered materials. They are also safer for people, as well as the planet; just check out this article from Baby Green Thumb that discusses the various plastic numbers and which ones to choose, as well as which ones to avoid.

HDPE material is also incredibly strong, holding up great against puncture-risks. This ensures your materials will remain properly protected during the entire storage and transit process, as the void fill air packaging will not pop. This Accel air packing film is also moisture, stain, and odor-resistant, and exhibits a low coefficient of friction.

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