Poly Sand Report Covers (Price per Pack)
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Poly Sand Report Covers (Price per Pack)

Brand: Binding101
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  • Offers the flexibility and durability of a poly plastic cover
  • Textured on one side and smooth on the other
  • Modern and professional look
  • Available in Black or Navy colors
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Poly covers are extremely durable and tear-resistant, and can even be wiped clean if they get spilled on. You can buy them online in either a 12 or 16 mil thickness and can choose from popular colors. This particular plastic cover stock has a sandy-textured finish on one side, and has a smooth finish on the other. Poly sand cover stock offers a modern and professional look that is perfect for presentations and reports of all kinds.


Manufacturer Part NumberPOLYSAND GRP
Shipping Weight (lbs)10


Poly sand report covers feature one side that is fairly smooth to the touch, but looks sandy in texture, and one smooth side that is matted and soft to the touch. This dual-look and feel gives you the versatility to choose which side you want to display on the front of your presentation. The poly material comes in either a 12 mil or 16 mil thickness, but both thicknesses are extremely durable and nearly impossible to tear. They can be wiped clean if they get wet or dirty, and thin enough to be priced well, but thick enough to put off the executive appeal. Poly sand report cover stock offers a modern and professional finish that will enhance the look of reports and presentations, all while keeping costs low. Choose from two executive colors, either black or navy blue, in two popular sizes.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Which thickness should I buy?
Asked by Customer

Before you choose, take a look at our photo gallery that shows the standard stocking options side-by-side. This should help give you a better idea of each option, so you can make the best choice for your specific needs. You can see that the thinner 12 mil cover is very slightly see-through, which may affect your choice.

Answer by Binding101

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