36" x 48" Plain Converd Biodegradable Corrugated Mounting Boards [1/4" Thick] (5/Box)
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36" x 48" Plain Converd Biodegradable Corrugated Mounting Boards [1/4" Thick] (5/Box)

Item #: 80AGF550459CV
Brand: Binding101
  • 1/4” thick white corrugated mount boards
  • Plain boards feature no adhesive
  • Plain paperboard surface (no coating)
  • 100% Recyclable & biodegradable mount board
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Create exceptionally strong mounted prints of all kinds with 1/4" thick Converd Biodegradable Corrugated Mounting Boards from Neenah. These eco-friendly mount boards are a great alternative to traditional gator and foam boards, providing excellent resistance to warping and easy cutting. They are 100% recyclable with a proprietary double corrugate honeycomb paper core. The double fluted design keeps the boards surprisingly lightweight and rigid.

These standard mounting boards are plain and acid-free, featuring no coating or adhesive, making them safe for framing and archival use. The smooth, moisture-resistant surface can be used for short-term outdoor sheltered displays or indoor displays. If you are looking for a simple way to make your business more "green" and environmentally friendly, then these recyclable paperboard mounting boards are the perfect solution.


Item # 80AGF550459CV
Manufacturer Neenah®
Size 36" x 48"
Thickness 1/4”
Color White (Front & Back)
Core Corrugated White Paperboard
Surface Smooth White Paperboard
Adhesive None; Plain Boards
Shipping Weight 22 lbs.
Shipping Method UPS


Converd board from Neenah is an eco-friendly, recyclable presentation and board option that makes an ideal replacement for environmentally-harmful plastic and foam boards. It is an all-paper honeycomb graphics board with a 100% recyclable paper core and surface papers. So depending on the print you mount, these mount boards can be tossed directly into the same recycle bin as corrugated boxes.


Don't let the eco-friendly feature fool you, though. These boards offer exceptional strength and rigidity, often comparable to gator board ultra durable foamboards. The secret lies in the proprietary fluted design with double-corrugate. It creates a uniquely lightweight board with the structural stability of a must more dense board, resisting bending and compressive loads.


These standard corrugated mounting boards are also plain, not coated with any adhesive. They are acid-free and safe for use with sensitive framing and archival needs. The smooth facing and edges are uncoated and a bright white color.



Key Features:

  • Eco-Friendly – Converd board from Neenah is the recyclable, eco-friendly option for replacing foam, plastic, metal and wood as an all-paper honeycomb graphics board with 100% fully recyclable paper core and surface papers.
  • Structural Strength & Rigidity – Converd features a proprietary fluted design making it lightweight yet structural strength for carrying shear, bending and compressive loads which provide outstanding strength, rigidity and warp resistance.
  • Versatile – Use as you would any other board for mounting, laminating, and art projects.


When it comes to making business operations more eco-friendly, we could all use a little help. Switch to our innovative, durable, and high-quality biodegradable mounting boards for an easy step in the right direction. Stop buying plastic corrugated boards that take hundreds or thousands of years to decompose; switch to an investment into an environmentally-friendly alternative that functions the same way, is incredibly strong, and costs about the same by choosing new, biodegradable mount boards. Manufactured to top-quality standards, these boards are the eco-friendly option for replacing durable gator boards.

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