Orange Gloss Pigment Foil Fusing Rolls (Price per Roll)
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Orange Gloss Pigment Foil Fusing Rolls (Price per Roll)

Brand: Binding101
  • Color: Orange
  • Foil Type: Gloss Pigment (Foil Shift; Not 100% Opaque)
  • Choose from many roll widths, lengths and core sizes
  • Sticks to dry toner prints when heat is applied
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Orange gloss pigment fusing foil is primarily used to add a glossy look over printed colored designs; for example, wanting your orange ink to have a glossy pitch. They have toner-receptive adhesive on one side that sticks to the dry toner¹ that is used in most copiers and some select laser printers (no wax-based inks). These colored foil fusing rolls work well with many smooth paper stocks³ of various thicknesses, providing you have a proper heat source, such as a foil fuser or an approved pouch laminating machine². Pigment foils, in particular, require a very hot and consistent heat, so may not work well with machines unable to achieve this.
Pigment reactive foils are not 100% opaque and may have a "color shift" when fused, meaning that the color of toner you print will affect the final look. They are primarily used over the matching toner color to add the glossy finish, rather than to replace the printed color. For that reason, we recommend testing before you buy; call us at (866) 537-2244 to request a sample.
We offer many other toner reactive foils, including many more glossy pigment colors, metallic, satin matte, holographic patterns, iridescent, glitter, and more; click here to shop all colored foils.


Manufacturer Item #PG-ORG-40
Foil TypeGloss Pigment
Color ShiftYes; Not 100% Opaque (Always Test Samples)
Roll Size8" x 100', 12" x 100', 12" x 500', 24" x 500'
Core Size1/2", 1", 3"
Quantity1 Roll


What is Gloss Pigment Foil:

Gloss pigment foils are used to add a gloss overlay to your printed toner designs and text. Most common is the black foil used on a black paper; this gloss application creates an elegant and minimal finish that exudes expense. Glossy pigmented foils are used over the same color toner as the foil itself, creating a glossy sheen over top. We always recommend testing over various hues of printed colors before your final application.

Foils have a special adhesive on the back that sticks to the dry toner that is used in most black and white copiers and some select laser printers (the foil will not adhere to wax based inks from laser printers*). This process may be used to create business cards, invitations, announcements, and so much more. They are affordable enough to be used by the at-home DIY'er and small business, as well as professional enough to be used in the print-shop environment.

Testing Color Shift: Unlike our other foils, pigment foils are not 100% opaque may have a "color shift" when fused. The color shift is affected by the underlying toner color, meaning the color of toner you print will affect the final color. It is for this reason that we recommend customers print a test sheet with colored toner bars ranging from yellow across the color range to black. After the color bars have been printed, run the sheet through a foil fusing machine using the pigment color foil. This will allow customers to gauge the amount of color shift they can expect with a given color of pigment foil fused over a specific color of toner. Keep these test sheets for future reference.

What Machines can Foil:

For gloss pigment foils, we recommend a higher-quality machine that can offer a truly consistent heat of a minimum of 300° (higher is recommended). To assure you can achieve the consistency required for these specialty foils, we recommend using them with a fusing machine specifically meant for foil, or a professional lamination machine. Other heat machines, such as pouch laminators, might work, however, may require more heat testing and adjusting to get a perfect finished print, and they are not guaranteed.

This foil can stick to smooth paper stocks of many thicknesses; it does, however, have problems sticking to textured papers. The foils compatible with the various machines will vary depending on your unit's specifications. You will want to be sure the core size and roll width match. If using a roll laminator, you will need to be sure it has a film rewind feature. No matter the machine, you will need to have adjustable heat and speed settings to tailor it to your various paper stocks and applications. To test a pigment foil before you buy a full roll, you can call us at (866) 537-2244. Here are some important considerations for various methods of foil fusing:

Method/MachinePouch LaminatorRoll LaminatorFoil Fuser
Roll SizeAny Size. Pieces of foil are
cut off the roll before applying.
Varies on machine widthVaries on machine width
Core SizeAny Size. Pieces of foil are
cut off the roll before applying
Varies on machine coreMay vary by machine;
most use a 1" core roll
HeatMinimum heat requirement: 300° F
Higher is recommended
Adjustable heat necessary
Minimum heat requirement: 300° F
Higher is recommended
Adjustable heat necessary
N/A; Specifically made for foil rolls
SpeedAdjustable speed is highly recommendedAdjustable speed is highly recommendedN/A; Specifically made for foil rolls

How to Apply Gloss Pigment Foil

Gloss foils are applied the same way as metallic or other foils. The method you use to foil will vary significantly based on the kind of machine you are using; a foil fuser, a roll laminator, or a pouch laminator. We have several blogs and resource posts about foil, including instructions for various methods. Click here and search the word "foil" to browse our foil blogs. You will also want to check your machine's user manual for specific operating instructions.

Color Options

A wide range of pigment color reactive foils are available by request. You can even make a request based on a specific PMS#; please call us at (866) 537-2244 to check availability. Otherwise, we list common colors available for immediate shipment. Please note that the 24" x 500' rolls feature a 1" core, which means they can be used with any of our Foil Fusing Machines; be sure to select this size roll if using one of these machines.

¹ The adhesive on the back of these foil rolls sticks to dry toner only; it will not work with wax based inks from laser printers.
² Compatible pouch laminators require certain features; they must be able to reach at least 300°F, have adjustable speed and temperature settings, be the proper width for your machine. If using a roll laminator, the machine must also have a film rewind feature and a matching core size. Other variables may factor into compatibility. Click here to see a list of laminators tested and approved for foiling. Note that transparent hologram foils may require more heat or more time under heat than other foils.
³ The adhesive applies well to smooth paper stocks of a variety of thicknesses. It does not, however, create a solid/consistent look on textured papers.

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