48 ½" x 150' New Technology Mounting Tissue (1 Roll) Item#18DMTNTMT485
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48 ½" x 150' New Technology Mounting Tissue (1 Roll) Item#18DMTNTMT485

Item #: 18DMTNTMT485
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  • Color: Clear
  • Core Size: 3" Core
  • Temperature Range: 190
  • AdhesiveType: Permanent
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We offer NTMT new technology mounting tissue from D&K group that offers a superior solution for dry mounting artwork, photos, lithographs, and more. The adhesive activates between 190°-200° F, and seals fully after about 1 ½ minutes, depending on the heat type. It features a pH neutral base of 7, which makes it safe for archival prints, as it won't deteriorate or discolor your prints, even after time.The base adhesive is porous, which helps create a strong and permanent bond. Rolls are 3 mil thick, and emit no odor when mounting. This heat activated mounting adhesive offers a smooth finish that is free from streaks, discoloration, wrinkles, and ridges. Buy new tech mounting tissue online, available in several different sizes below.


Brand NameD&K Group
Manufacturer Part NumberNTMT3651502, NTMT2451502, NTMT4051502, NTMT4851502
CertificationspH Neutral
Quantity1 Roll
Product TypeAdhesive Rolls
Core Size3" Core
Temperature Range190°-200° F
Adhesive TypePermanent


New technology mounting tissue is a new product, manufactured by D&K group to fill a special niche. It offers a strong and permanent bond to both your mounting surface and the item you are mounting. NTMT mounting adhesive rolls are pH neutral (7 base), so will not deteriorate your prints or boards, even after time. The adhesive is porous to create a very strong mount to a variety of materials, some of the most popular ones listed below. The dry mount adhesive activates between 190°-200° F, and will fully seal in about 1 ½ minutes, depending on the machine you are using. NTMT dry mount tissue is often compared to Bienfang BufferMount and TM2 adhesives on the market; it is excellent for fine art prints. It mounts smooth, streak and bubble-free, without wrinkles and discolorations. After mounted, weigh the piece down and allow it to cool for at least 30 seconds to create the most professional and lasting finish.

Popular Applications:
   • Standard Papers
   • RC Photographs
   • Fiber Based Photographs
   • Textured Papers
   • Lithograph Papers
   • Watercolor Papers
   • Clay Coated Papers
   • Newspapers
   • Rice Papers
   • Brass Rubbing
   • Parchment
   • Cotton, Silk, Polyester, & Other Fabrics
   • Wooden Substrates
   • MDF Board
   • Ink Jet Papers (Coated & Uncoated)
   • Foamboard
   • Gatorboard
   • Rag Board
   • Mat Board

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Frequent Asked Questions

Can I be assured that the NTMT-GRP product is not as some other D&K products have been described as "like Saran wrap" with problems of it sticking to itself. I am looking for mounting tissue with the characteristics of ColorMount. I am mounting U-ART sanded paper on foam core for pastel art work. Your quoted time and temperature is fine. Is the product? Thank you.
Asked by Walt Zettner
This isn’t saran wrap (that would be either Fusion or Polymount). This actually looks like Colormount but bonds as it cools (while ColorMount bonds while hot). D&K’s Buffermount is more like Colormount’s bonding. We do sell a lot more of the New Technology because it costs less and don’t have many issues.
Answer by Binding101

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