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12" x 100' Matte Gold Toner Foil Fusing Roll [1/2" Core] (1 Roll) Item#02FF11100MGO

Item #: 02FF11100MGO

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The matte gold color of these toner foil fusing rolls is stunning, creating a shimmery, but soft, metallic look that looks elegant on business cards, art prints, invitations, cards, and so much more. To apply the foil to your design, just print it using a dry toner copier or printer* on a smooth paper stock*. Cut a piece of foil from the roll to fit the portion of the design that you want the foil to appear on and place it with color-side up, place the print into a pouch carrier, and run it through a pouch laminating machine**. The unique toner adhesive on the foil will stick to the toner only, allowing you to simply peel the foil sheet up, leaving you with a shimmery design. These foil rolls are 12" wide and 100' long, and are a popular solution for users of all kinds, especially with today's trend of soft gold prints and designs. These toner foil rolls feature a 1/2" core size and, when paired with select laminators, will help you create beautiful soft metallic foil prints. Looking for a different color of foil? Browse our huge selection of toner foil here.

Important: If you are using a foil fuser machines instead of a laminator, you will need the 24" x 500' matte gold foil roll size, which has the required 1" core for the machines.

Qty/Pack : 1 Roll

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Product Description

Matte gold toner foil allows you to add a soft, shimmery look to your printed designs. The unique toner adhesive on the foil sticks only to the dry-toner printed ink*, leaving the rest of your design clean. This means you have the ability to add foil precisely to select portions of your design. Simply cut a piece to fit your design off of the 12" x 100' matte gold foil rolls, place it over the ink, place it into a pouch carrier, and run the entire thing through a pouch laminating machine that features adjustable heat and speed settings**.

* Toner foil is compatible with dry toner only (typically found in copiers), and will not work with wax-based inks (including the ink used in most laser printers). It is compatible with smooth paper stocks of many kinds, but will not provide a solid finish on textured papers.
**It is recommended that you use a laminating machine with adjustable temperature and adjustable speed controls so you can find the perfect heat and speed for the ideal finished gold application. Not all laminators will create a solid design without these adjustable features, so be sure to test items before working with your final drafts.


Item # 02FF11100MGO
Manufacturer Therm-O-Type
Manufacturer Part Number GLD-90
Quantity 1 Roll
Size 12" x 100'
Color Matte Gold
Compatible Equipment Select Pouch Laminating Machines*
Core Size 1/2" Core
Foil Pattern Metallic Solid Colors
Shipping Weight (lbs) 3

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