Medoc Retractable Safety Knife
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Medoc Retractable Safety Knife

Brand: Spiral
  • Automatically retracts after each cut
  • Lock the blade out by just gripping the handle as-normal
  • Lock the grip in the out position to lock the blade inside the handle for safety
  • Blade is easy to replace when worn
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The Medoc is the best automatically retracting safety blade on the market. The blade in this knife automatically retracts into the handle after each cut, ensuring no accidental cuts or damages. To keep the blade out, just hold onto the handle. The natural gripping motion to keep the blade out is more comfortable than most other alternatives. You can also lock the handle in the out position, which locks the blade in the retracted position for when it is not in use. The Medoc retractable handheld knife is comfortable for both left- and right-handed users. Blades are easily replaced when worn.


Brand NameSpiral
ColorMay vary
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Empower your employees to do their cutting tasks, while protecting them and maintaining a safe work environment with these safety trimmers and knives.

The MEDOC safety knife by Mure & Peyrot is the perfect knife for any kind of cutting and for the opening of cardboard boxes. Ambidextrous and ergonomic, this versatile knife also has a blade release button. The blade retracts automatically in case of a slip or if it is not in contact with the surface to cut, even if the trigger is pulled.


  • Safety knife with the automatic retraction system
  • Large space for blade to avoide blockage
  • Blade release button, blade can be locked closed when not in use
  • Quick, easy, and safe blade change

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