MBM AeroDieCut Platen Die Cutter with Creaser, Perforator, & Embosser
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MBM AeroDieCut Platen Die Cutter with Creaser, Perforator, & Embosser

Brand: MBM
  • Functions: cutting, creasing, perforating, and embossing
  • Faster processing: cut, crease, & perforate in a single pass
  • Versatile: turn printed materials into cards, boxes, swing tags, & more
  • Easy-to-use: 4.3" Color touchscreen with 100-job memory capabilities
  • 85+ Years Experience
  • Oversize / Truck Shipping
  • Brand New


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In today's fast-paced printing and marketing world, the demand for quick, customized, and precise quantities of printed materials is ever-growing. The AeroDieCut meets these needs effortlessly, offering a solution for creating uniquely shaped cards, boxes, and more. It stands out for its ease of operation compared to traditional large-format die cutters and boasts higher productivity than cutting plotters and laser cutters. Capable of executing complex cuts, creases, and perforations in one go, the AeroDieCut is a game-changer.


Manufacturer MBM
Manufacturer Part Number CU0486
Max Speed* 1,000 sheets per hour
Max. Paper Size 14.3” x 20.25”
Max. Finishing Size 12.2 x 19”
Paper Weight* 120 - 400 gsm
Die Board Size 13.75” x 21.65”
Die Board Thickness .7”
Cutting Rule Height .91” - .93”
Power Supply 100 - 120 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H) 106” x 42” x 43”
Weight 903 lbs.
*May vary due to variations in paper and power supply


The AeroDieCut is an innovative machine that combines the reliability of traditional platen dies with cutting-edge technology. It's designed to be easily accessible, cost-effective, and ensures a high-quality finish. Safety, user-friendliness, and a compact design are at the heart of the AeroDieCut.

Traditional die cutters, known for their bulk and longevity, often require expert handling and pose safety risks. The AeroDieCut, however, is designed for universal use, prioritizing operator safety and simplifying mechanical adjustments.

While print engines continue to evolve, the AeroDieCut recognizes that exceptional printing needs equally exceptional finishing. Transform your printed materials into a myriad of applications like cards, boxes, swing tags, and shelf talkers. The AeroDieCut is not just a tool; it's a partner in realizing your creative vision and driving business growth.


  • Feed Unit. The patented Tri-suction Feeder ensures consistent paper feeding. The feeding unit equips an ultra-sonic sensor for double feed detection, and a cut-mark sensor to compensate image shift.
  • Easy touch screen operation. The 4.3" colored touch screen makes job settings and operation easy. 100 jobs can be stored into memory.
  • Main Unit (Press Unit). The main press unit uses patented moving press rollers to press the paper. This makes the die cutting process much quieter and more power efficient than conventional die cutters.
  • Multi-up applications. The AeroDieCut features a step & repeat function to finish multiple-up applications, which saves the cost of additional dies.
  • Various applications. The AeroDieCut can cut, crease, and perforate in a single pass. Turn your prints into a variety of applications, such as swing tags, boxes, envelopes, shelf talkers, etc.


MBM AeroDieCut Demo Video

MBM AeroDieCut - How to Use a Die Adapter

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