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Martin Yale SP100 12" Scoring and Perforating Machine

Item #: 04MYSP100

The Martin Yale SP100 scoring and perforating machine is an electric tabletop unit that is a great addition to any quick print shop, school print room, small office or store. Because of it's ability to create both a score and perf, either individually or at the same time, it is versatile enough to be used for tickets, table cards, business cards, notepads and so much more. Included with the machine is a 14-tooth perforation wheel and a scoring wheel, as well as an allen wrench for wheel placement adjustments. With the ability to do up to 100 lb cover stock (non-glossy) and paper from 3 ½" up to 12" wide, the SP100 is the only electric tabletop machine in this price range. The open-face design lets you see into the machine, which makes for easier wheel alignment since you can see where the machine will perforate or score. If you want to speed up the perforating or scoring process on paper up to 100 lb cover stock up to 23 sheets per minute* with a small, electric machine that won't break the bank, consider buying the Martin Yale SP100 scoring and perforation machine online.


Product Description


The Martin Yale SP100 Desktop Score and Perforation Machine makes the perfect addition to any quick print shop, classroom, small office or store. With it you can create tent-style business cards, occasion cards, tickets and more. It has the ability to score and perforate paper from 24 lb. bond to 100 lb. cover stock from 3-1/2" to 12" wide sheets. Adjustable perforation and score hubs make setup of the SP100 score/perf machine simple and fast. The SP100 has two adjustable paper guides on the feed bar, which allows for very accurate paper placement, and an overall accurate finished piece. There is even a weighted bracket that can be placed on top of your stack to ensure proper "grab", which is handy for thicker stacks of paper. There is also a knob on the back that adjusts the grab tension, so you can make it tighter by turning it clockwise if the machine is grabbing more than one sheet at a time, or make it looser by turning it counter-clockwise if it is not grabbing any paper.

*Operating speed may vary depending on paper and power supply variations


Item # 04MYSP100
Manufacturer Martin Yale Industries, LLC
Manufacturer Part Number SP100
Operation Electric
Included Supplies & Accessories 14-Tooth Perforation Wheel
Scoring Wheel
Allen Wrench
Power Voltage 115 V
Speed 23 Sheets / Minute*
Dimensions 8" W x 5" D x 6" H
Size 12"
Sheet Size 3 ½" to 12" Wide
Crease/Perf/Score Type Perforating, Scoring, Scoring & Perforating
Shipping Weight (lbs) 23

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