Martin Yale Postmark PM-3056 Milling Letter Opener
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Martin Yale Postmark PM-3056 Milling Letter Opener

Item #: 04MYPM3056
Brand: Martin Yale
  • Envelope Size: All sizes and types. Maximum Thickness 6mm (1/4”)
  • Depth of Cut: From 0 (no cut) up to 3mm (1/8”)
  • Theoretical Speed: 24,000 envelopes per hour
  • Production Speed: 8,000 envelopes per hour
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Boost mailroom productivity with the Martin Yale Postmark PM-3056 Milling Letter Opener. With the milling cutter technique that produces smooth feathered edges to prevent paper cuts, you can open up to 24,000 envelopes every hour. This method takes off 1/8" of the envelope's edge in the shape of tiny chips, which are then easily disposed of in the integrated waste bin.


Item # 04MYPM3056
Manufacturer Martin Yale
Manufacturer Part Number 04MYPM3056
Power 120VAC - 2.65A or 230VAC - 1.25A
Envelope Size All sizes and types. Maximum Thickness 6mm (1/4”)
Depth of Cut From 0 (no cut) up to 3mm (1/8”)
Feeder Capacity Approx. 100 envelopes
Receiving Tray Capacity Approx. 100 envelopes
Theoretical Speed 24,000 envelopes per hour
Production Speed 8,000 envelopes per hour (If you have a trained octopus as an operator, revert to the theoretical speed)
Weight 36kg (79lbs)
Dimensions (L x D x W) 710mm (28in) x 460mm (18in) x 335mm (13.5in)


There is a chance that purchasing a Martin Yale Postmark PM-3056 Milling Letter Opener will help you save both time and money. This device can automatically open 24,000 envelopes in just one hour. In addition, there is a delayed feeder and an on-demand feeder, as well as batching meters, rate counters, lifespan counters, speed control settings, and on/off milling cutters. Due to the reverse flow conveyor, workers don't need to get up from their stations to input or remove opened envelopes, resulting in a productivity boost of about 40%. Thanks to its two motors, this model offers enhanced performance and longevity. Milling cutter technology makes the text easier to access, doing away with tiresome page-turning and the associated risk of paper cuts. To use this method, 1/8" is sliced off the top of the envelope, and the resulting fragments are thrown away in the onboard trash can. A separator prevents multiple envelopes from being fed into the cutter at once, ensuring that each one is cut precisely. Mail up to 6mm thick (1/4") can be opened without any problems. The system's components are all designed to easily fit even the largest envelopes, and the system itself can accommodate even the largest flats. Its metal build and high-quality parts ensure that it will last and perform reliably for years to come.


  • Milling Cutter Technology. Protects the contents from being cut or damaged. Removes up to 3mm (1/8”) of the envelope edge. The removed material is in the form of tiny chips, which are deposited in the waste bin. Creates a soft, feathered edge opening, which prevents paper cuts and gives easy access to the contents.
  • Mixed Thickness Separator. This separator design ensures that only one envelope passes through the machine at a time maximizing separation and improving cut quality.
  • High Speed. Opens up to 24,000 envelopes per hour. Opens mixed mail, from the smallest to the largest, completely. Opens up to 6mm (1/4”) thick envelopes. Entire system built to handle large flats and envelopes.
  • Simple and Reliable. High degree of operational reliability
  • Heavy Duty. Solid metal construction throughout. Made of steel using the highest quality of components. Has two motors for better performance and a longer life.
  • Easy to Operate.

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