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Martin Yale® 4200 Heavy Duty Paper Jogger

Item #: 04MY4200JOG

With the Martin Yale® 4200 paper jogging machine you can remove static electricity and perfectly align stacks of paper as thick as 3" (or about 1 ½ reams) and as large as 17" x 22". This extra large tabletop jogger has large rubber feet to keep help reduce noise, as well as a very sturdy heavy gauge steel construction for durability. The jog tray can be tilted to specific angles and is extra large so you can accommodate a huge variety of paper sizes and stock types. Easy to use, all you need to do is place your stack into the tray and press the on button on the back of the machine - in just a few seconds your stack of paper will be vibrated into a clean 90° angled, square stack. A variable speed setting lets you customize the jogging velocity, depending on your paper type and size, to find what works best for your unique applications. When you buy the Martin Yale® 4200 heavy duty paper jogger online, you are adding a high-powered and unique machine with customizable settings to your work space. Jogging paper is an important step in the print and mail lineup, and will prepare sheets for use in paper folders, mail inserters, and more for more efficient paper processing and jam-prevention.


Product Description


A jogger is usually the first step in paper handling because it removes static electricity and un-sticks paper before the stack is processed in a folder, folder-inserter, copier, printing press, etc. The benefits of removing static electricity and separating sheets are more efficient paper processing and the prevention of paper jams. The Martin Yale® 4200 is a very popular paper jogger that has a tray that is easy to tilt to accommodate a greater variety of paper sizes. Place your stack of paper into the jogger, press the power button located on the back of the jogger, and watch as your paper becomes precisely aligned and static free. The 4200’s variable speed control ensures that you will be able to jog your paper properly regardless of paper weight or quantity. Its heavy gauge steel construction makes the Martin Yale® 4200 extremely durable. Although heavy-duty in design, the 4200 weighs only 50 lbs. and can thus be easily relocated around the office. With a high sheet capacity and easy operation, the Martin Yale® 4200 paper jogger is the choice machine for print shops and copy centers.


Item # 04MY4200JOG
Manufacturer Martin Yale Industries, LLC
Manufacturer Part Number 4200
Power Voltage 115 V
Dimensions 26 ¼" W x 17 ½" D x 28 ⅜" H
Maximum Sheet Size 17" W x 22" H
Number of Bins 1 Bin
Bin Capacity 3" Thick Stack (1 ½ Reams)
Product Weight (lbs) 42
Shipping Weight (lbs) 45

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