Large Laminating Pouches [15" X 18", 3 Mil (1/2)] - 100/Bx
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Large Laminating Pouches [15" X 18", 3 Mil (1/2)] - 100/Bx

Item #: 0215180302
Brand: Binding101
  • Thickness: 3 mil
  • Laminate Finish: Gloss`
  • Pouch Size: 15" X 18"
  • Quantity: 100 Pouches / Box
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These 15" X 18" large format lamination pouches are perfect for your XL sheets. They are a high gloss, offering a vibrant enhancing sheen to your prints with a crystal clear finish. They activate at a lower temperature than most other laminates, between 160° - 200° F, making them ideal for more heat-sensitive documents, such as Inkjet media. The 3 mil thickness is thin enough to allow for flexibility, but durable enough to protect your prints and posters from moisture, scratches, and tears. Wide format laminating pouches are great for encapsulating prints of all types, including roll-up graphics, presentations, posters, and much more. They can be used with any heated pouch laminator that will accept the size.
  • 3 Mil Gloss Finish
  • 15" X 18" Pouch Size
  • Preserves Graphic Images
  • Lower Temperature 160° - 200° F Activation
  • 100 Pouches / Box


With 15" X 18" large format laminating pouches, you can encapsulate a variety of larger prints, such as posters, roll-up graphics, maps, XL presentations, signs and media, and much more. They are made of a medium-weight 3 mil thick laminate that is flexible enough to allow for roll-up applications, but still strong enough to protect your media from tearing, bending, scratches, and moisture. These unique lower-temp lamination pouch sheets activate between 160 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit, making them safe for a wider variety of media and inks that may be heat-sensitive, such as ink jet. They are universally compatible with any pouch laminating machine that has the capability to run at those heats and has a width of at least 19-20". These premium quality pouches have a gloss finish, which offers you a crystal-clear lamination that enhances and brightens your print colors and contrast.

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