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Kolbus Model HD 3-Knife Replacement Blades


Kolbus Model HD 3-Knife Replacement Blades

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Kolbus Model HD Replacement Blade [Top Front, High Speed Steel, 22.047" x 4.53" x 0.394", 10 Holes (M12)] Item#05JYKO38070HS


If you have a Kolbus Model HD 3-knife cutter, then these replacement blades are the perfect way to keep your cuts clean, square. They are available for the top front, top left, and top right locations, all manufactured in the premium-quality high speed steel blade material. These HSS blades are comprised of 50% high speed steel (containing 18% Tungsten), and 50% standard grade steel, creating an extremely strong blade that will actually outlast conventional blades by an average of three to five years. The top front blades are 22.047 x 4.53 x 0.394, while the top side (left and right) blades are both 17.322 x 4.527 x 0.394"*.

Not quite sure these are the blades you need? No problem! Call us at (866)537-2244 (866)537-2244 ; we have a huge inventory of blades not on our website, and can get you exactly what you need.