Jobz Citrus-Scented Hand & Multi-Surface Wipes (72 / Bucket)
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Jobz Citrus-Scented Hand & Multi-Surface Wipes (72 / Bucket)

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  • Size: 10" x 12"
  • Color: Multi
  • Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Fragrance, Preservative, Provitamin B5, Sodium Citrate, Surfactant Package (Alkyl Sulfonate, C11-C13 Ethoxylate, Amphoteric), Water
  • Quantity: 72 Wipes / Bucket
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Jobz pre-moistened multi-surface textured wipes are exceptionally strong with a powerful formula that cleans dirt, grease, paint, caulk, ink, lubricants, oils, and more. Strong enough for these tough cleaning jobs, but sensitive enough to use on hands with moisturizing aloe vera and provitamine B5 that help prevent dry and cracked skin. Manufactured in the USA, Jobz cleaning wipes are robust with a dual-texture that leaves hands and surfaces clean from residue, handling even the toughest grime. Wipes are 10" x 12" and in a handy pop-up bucket with 72 easy-to-grab wipes. A lid securely tightens to close the bucket and keep remaining towels moist.


Manufacturer Part NumberMIS JOBZ
CertificationsNo VOCs, Alcohol-Free
Quantity72 Wipes / Bucket
Size10" x 12"
IngredientsAloe Vera, Fragrance, Preservative, Provitamin B5, Sodium Citrate, Surfactant Package (Alkyl Sulfonate, C11-C13 Ethoxylate, Amphoteric), Water
Shipping Weight (lbs)4


For a strong cleaning wipe that won't leave your hands dry or cracked, use Jobz. Convenient pop-up container with 72 wipes makes it fast to access, while the secure pop-top snaps down to keep remaining towels moist. These pre-moistened wipes are exceptionally strong and powerful against a huge variety of dirt and grime. Strong enough to wipe away even the toughest grease, while being gentle enough to moisturize your skin and prevent cracking -- who could want anything more in a shop rag?! Jobz outperforms the competition again and again, and is one of the safest cleaning wipes on the market.

Jobz Wipes Features:

  1. Dual-Textured - One side has aggressive texture for tough jobs / other side has softer texture for gentler jobs
  2. Convenient - No rinsing needed after use, leaves no residue
  3. Strong Cleaner - Removes adhesive, caulk, dirt, grease, grime, ink, lubricant, oil, pain, soil, and more
  4. Gentle Formula - Aloe vera and provitamine B5 help moisturize to help prevent drying and cracking of skin
  5. Fresh Scent - Citrus scented for a clean smell
  6. Durable - Thick one-ply fabric to resist tearing
  7. Packaging - Portable pop-up bucket container makes it easy to grab towels and keep unused towels moist
  8. Versatile - Used in RV, marine, and automotive industries, machining, printing, contractors, and other dirty jobs
  9. Made in the USA

How to Use Jobz Wipes:

  1. Remove a cloth from the bucket and unfold.
  2. Test the cloth on an inconspicuous area to verify that there is no undesired affect
  3. Clean your hands or surfaces as needed. Use the tough side for hard-to-clean surfaces, or the gentle side for more sensitive areas.
  4. No water is required, but if available and desired, you can rinse your hands or surface for an exceptionally clean finish

About Jobz:

Jobz has a goal with their cleaning wipes to make the safest, strongest, and most versatile cleaning wipes for the print and other industries. While other brands are either too weak and spread around ink and soil or too hard to handle safely without gloves, Jobz has created an ingredient formulation that brings you the best of both worlds; a moisturizing formula with aloe and vitamins that packs a powerful cleaning solution to cut through even touch oils, inks, paint, and more. Their chemists think outside of the box to find a surficant/soap that clings and holds onto debris on a molecular level while enforcing a zero-tolerance policy for VOCs, alcohols, carcinogens, and environmentally-hazardous chemicals. Always made in the USA, Jobz cleaning wipes are strong, absorbent, and effective while they heal your skin.

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Frequent Asked Questions

What is the shelf life of Jobz wipes?
Asked by Customer

Store Jobz in a cool, dry environment and ensure the lid is close securely for the longest shelf life. When stored properly, Jobz will last up to about 18 months.

Answer by Binding101
What happens when the Jobz cloths dry out?
Asked by Customer

You can re-moisten Jobz wipes with water, if needed. It is recommended that you only moisten the wipes you plan to use in the moment. This will dilute the formula, so some functionality may be affected, but they have been tested and still work very well.

Answer by Binding101
Is Jobz California compliant?
Asked by Customer

Yes, Jobz meets the criteria for use in the State of California.

Answer by Binding101
Can I paint a surface after cleaning with Jobz?
Asked by Customer

Jobz contains aloe vera, which may be left behind on the surface, depending on it's absorbency. It is best to prepare an area to be painted by cleaning with water or a paint-prep cleaner.

Answer by Binding101
Can Jobz be used on stainless steel?
Asked by Customer

Jobz has a delicate formula and does not contain any materials that will attack metals, but we always recommend testing the surface in a non-conspicuous are if there is any doubt or concern of a material being affected.

Answer by Binding101
Do Jobz wipes leave residue?
Asked by Customer

Yes aloe and vitamins can be left behind if not rinsed off completely.

Answer by Binding101

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