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Roll laminators are great, but it can be hard to know what supplies you need. Laminating film is crucial, but buying it doesn't have to be confusing or intimidating. Laminating film size is critical. Buy film that's compatible with your machine's width. Also, consider the document's size. For letter-sized things, use 12" or wider film and cut the excess. Length isn't as vital as width, so don't stress over it. Make sure the roll fits your laminator. Laminating film thickness matters. If you read your machine's instructions, you'll know if it can take 1.5 mil film or 10 mil laminate. A higher mil number means more rigid laminating. Many school laminators can only handle 1.5- and 3-mil films. You may have heard the phrase "core" when talking about roll laminators. The laminating film is wrapped around a cardboard tube. Know your laminator's core size. Most roll laminators need 1- or 2.25-inch-core rolls. Wide-format laminators handle anything larger. Matte and glossy are common finishes. Enjoy choosing the finish for your document.

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  1. Black 3/16" Gator Foam Mounting Boards 11" x 17" - 10pk

    • Board Type: Gator Foam Mounting Boards (Uncoated)
    • Board Thickness: 3/16"
    • Board Size: 11" x 17"
    • Quantity: 10 Per Box


  2. GBC 10 Mil Clear NAP II 4" x 100' 1" C - 3000049

    • Film Finish: Clear
    • Core Size: 1"
    • Thickness:10mil
    • Hot or Cold: Hot


  3. GBC 3.0 Mil Clear NAP II 25" x 250' 2.25" Core (3125742) - 1 Roll

    • Film Finish: Clear
    • Core Size: 2.25"
    • Thickness:3mil
    • Hot or Cold: Hot


  4. 1.7 Mil Premium Laminating Film [12" X 500', Clear Gloss, 1" Core] (2/Bx)

    • Provide excellent clarity and protection to your documents.
    • Featured with copolymer adhesive that allows lower operating temperatures and greater adhesive characteristics.
    • Water, oil, acid, and alkali resistant.
    • Clear Gloss Finish


  5. 1.7mil Color-Bond Laminating Film [12" X 500', Gloss Polyester (PET),1" Core](2/Bx) Item#18BCB125001PI

    • Unique adhesives create a chemical bond to the toners and oils that are commonly found in the digital output of color copiers.
    • Designed and forulated to work with most color copiers using fuser oil.
    • Enhances overall color and appearance of graphics.
    • Laminating Temperature Range (internal): 210


  6. Polyolefin Shrink Wrap Film [24" x 3500', 75 Gauge] (1 Roll) Item#32SWPOF243500

    • Constructed of a heat-shrinkable plastic material, made from Polyolefin.
    • Most commonly used in the commercial printing and packaging industries for retail, food packaging, industrial packaging and more.
    • Often also used for smaller organizations like churches and schools who periodically make baskets or other crafts.
    • Custom printed shrink wrap is also available by special order to act as a marketing tool.


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  7. Laminate for ALM 3220 / 3222 Auto Laminator [12.6" x 328', elegant silk matte, 5 mil]

    • Anti-static properties allow for easy post lamination finishing.
    • Digital print compatible - will adhere to offset, ink jet or print engines using waxes or fuser oils.
    • One film covers all print applications.
    • Available in 1.2 mil. nylon 1.5 mil 3.0 mil 5 mil. Gloss and Matte


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  8. XM4400 2-Sided Standard Laminate [38" x 300'] (XyronPRO# DL3800-300) Item#54DL3800300

    • Compatible with XyronPRO XM4400 Laminator
    • Choose from laminate or adhesive in many variations
    • Acid-free to protect items without degrading them
    • Easy-to-install cartridges


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8 Items

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