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A paper cutter can be useful to have on hand at art centers, schools, workplaces, and even private homes. You'll appreciate the simplicity and productivity they have to offer, whether you need one for a creative endeavor or straightforward office work. Here is more information on Binding101 paper cutters.

Paper, artwork, pictures, and other documents can be swiftly and accurately cut with Binding101 paper cutters. From 10 to 40 pages can be cut at once with our various paper cutter models. Staples has the ideal paper cutter for each purpose thanks to their distinctive blade weights, sizes, and lengths.

Every paper cutting board has a guard rail, also known as a shield, that helps keep the user's fingertips away from the blade with the highest safety in mind. Numerous colors, self-sharpening blades, and construction from sturdy plastic and commercial grade materials are other helpful characteristics.

To assist you in finishing the task, Binding101 offers replacement components for your paper trimmers, box cutters, and utility knives.

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  1. Guillomax Paper Cutter Stand

    • Designed specifically for the Guillomax Cutter
    • Easy to assemble
    • Quantity: 1
    • Product Number: 04TAMGUILLOST


  2. FoamWerks WC4010 Foam Board Rabbet Cutter

    • Innovative ergonomic construction and dual blade action create one-stroke finished results.
    • Features on-board blade storage and includes two blades.
    • Use as either a right-handed push style or left-handed pull style action.
    • Works with 3/16" (5mm) foam board.


  3. Martin Yale Premier 715 StakCut 14.75" Paper Trimmer

    • Cut Length: 15"
    • Heavy-duty 3/4" thick wood base
    • Self-sharpening stainless steel blades cut up to 30 sheets of 20lb paper
    • Ergonomic soft-grip handle


  4. Logan XTC2001 COS-Tools V-Groove Cutter

    • Cuts V-grooves in suitable Cosplay materials to perfection
    • Features include adjustable blade depth, quick change blade clips, magnetic blade slot, on-board blade storage drawer and six extra blades.
    • Use with COS-Tools XT3001 Channel Rail, Logan Adapt-A-Rule or Team System to maximize productivity
    • Use replacement blades WC-5 or WC-20.


  5. Logan XTA8001 COS-Tools Circle Cutter

    • Cut perfect circles from 1″ to 6″ diameters in suitable Cosplay materials
    • Center depth indicator shows blade progression for board depths from 1/8" to 1/2" (3.1mm to 12.7mm).
    • Features dual inch/metric rail, centering pin, magnetic blade slot and clear acrylic safety dome.
    • Includes five blades. Use replacement blades WA-5 or WA-20.


  6. Logan 24" Team System Plus Mat Cutter

    • Size: 24" (61cm)
    • Includes a 302-1 Logan Push Style Bevel Mat Cutter for accurate, high quality mat cutting plus a three depth position mat knife with a slip lock depth.
    • Has a non-slip rubberized base, US or metric ruled straight edge, and a Logan Handheld Mat Cutter.
    • Uses Logan 270 blade.


  7. Premier T15 SharpCut 15 Inch Guillotine Paper Trimmer

    • Heavy-duty 1/2" thick wood base.
    • Hardened self-sharpening stainless steel blades cut up to 15 sheets at once.
    • Permanent 1/2" grid and dual English and metric rulers ensure proper alignment.
    • Patented automatic blade latch locks with every cutting motion.


  8. Dahle 507 Personal Rotary Trimmer, 12" Cut Length

    • 12" Cutting length & 7 sheet capacity
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Self-Sharpening ground steel blade with safety cover
    • German-engineered cutter ideal for trimming paper, photographs, and cardstock


  9. Swingline ClassicCut Lite 12" Guillotine Trimmer - 9312

    • Cut Length : 12 in
    • Cut Type: Guillotine
    • Cut Capacity: 15 Sheets
    • Paper Clamp: No


  10. Dahle Vantage 36" x 48" Clear Self-Healing Cutting Mat (10684)

    • Size: 36" x 48"
    • Color: Clear
    • Features Inch, Metric, & Angled Grid Lines for Perfect Placement
    • Material: 1/8" Self-Healing 5-Layer PVC


  11. Dahle 446 36" Premium Rotary Trimmer

    • 36" Cutting length & 22 sheet capacity
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Self-Sharpening ground steel blade with safety cover
    • Professional & safe, manufactured with German engineering for best-in-class quality


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  12. Dahle 534 Professional Guillotine, 18" Cut Length

    • 18" cutting length
    • Cuts up to 15 sheets of paper at a time
    • Screened Inch, metric, and angled guides for easy alignment
    • Perfect for trimming paper, photographs, and cardstock


12 Items

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