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MBM GoCrease™ 3000 Creasing & Perforating Machine

Item #: 04MBMGOCR3000

The GoCrease™ 3000 by MBM Corporation is an easy-to-use manual creaser and perforator machine that makes a great addition to a small office. It has a maximum width of 12.6" (12 ⅗”) and a large enough work table to easily handle sheets up to as long as 17.7" (17 ⁷/₁₀”). It will use an anvil style pressure to create creases in three different widths of your choice, either 0.03", 0.04" or 0.06" wsith a simple change over; just pull the toolout, rotate it, and place it back in. The GoCrease™ 3000 can also perforate with unique anvil pressure, so you can create tear-off coupons, tickets, and more. The handle is shaped for comfort, and allows for quick creasing and perforating with minimal force from the user. An adjustable side wheel and ruled side guide help you achieve an accurate result with little effort. The side guide is even able to be adjusted for skewed paper. Stop fiddling with less versatile machines and buy the MBM GoCrease™ 3000 creasing and perforating machine online today.


Product Description


With the MBM Corporation GoCrease™ 3000 you can achieve high-quality and precise anvil-style creasing in three widths, as well as create tear-off applications with a nine tooth perforating blade. The creasing channel widths let you choose the best option for different paper types (either 0.03", 0.04" or 0.06"), so you can help prevent tearing and breaking while allowing for the easiest after-crease folding. It works well with paper weights between 80 to 400 gsm for creasing, or 80 to 250 gsm (or equivalent) for perforating. A maximum creasing and perforating width of 12.6" will handle the most popular paper sizes for offices, while a large working table creates a stable base for sheets up to 17.7" long. This entry level creasing and perforating machine is simple to use with a comfortable handle that requires minimal strength to achieve a clean finish. The side guide wheel is quickly adjustable and the scale is very accurate, so you can place creases and scores precisely where they are needed. Because the side guide features a thumb wheel with angled adjustment, you can even work with skewed paper. If you are in need of a beginner creasing and perforating machine with added versatility, then the MBM GoCrease™ 3000 may be the right choice for you.


Item # 04MBMGOCR3000
Manufacturer MBM Corporation
Manufacturer Part Number BO0650
Operation Manual
Dimensions 14.56" W x 18.5" D x 14.17" H
Certifications CE
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty (Excluding Wearable Parts)
Size 12 ⅗”
Sheet Size 12 ⅗” x 17 ⁷/₁₀” [Maximum]
Program Memory None
Crease/Perf/Score Type Creasing, Perforating, Creasing & Perforating
Maximum Creases Per Sheet Unlimited [Dependent on Operator]
Crease Width 0.03" / 0.04" / 0.06"
Perforating Teeth per Inch 9 Teeth / Inch
Maximum Paper Weight [Creasing] 400 gsm [or equivalent]
Maximum Paper Weight [Perforating] 250 gsm [or equivalent]
Creasing Distance Unlimited [Dependent on Operator]
Creasing Pressure Style Anvil Style Pressure
Perforating Pressure Style Anvil Style Pressure
Pre-Programmed Memory Settings None
Product Weight (lbs) 23
Shipping Weight (lbs) 27

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