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FoamFast Foam Board Hangers (Pack of 100)


If you're looking for a fast and easy way to hang your foam boards and gator boards, without the unappealing look of visible hangers or stands, then you may want to buy FoamFast foam board hangers online today. They are stuck into your boards with two u-shaped hooks that pierce through the back board facing easily without penetrating through to the front, even for boards as thin as 1/8", all while still providing a secure grip. Made of metal for flexibility and durability, these mounting board accessories feature a saw-tooth hanger design that allows for multiple placements of nails for a centered and level finished look. They are an inexpensive and clean way to display your presentation boards.

Qty/Pack : 100 Pieces

FoamFast FAQs

Q: Do they come in more colors?
FoamFast hangers are only available in black. Since they are a hidden form of hanging, this works for the majority of users.


Q: What is the thinnest board these will work with?
FoamFast hangers work well with boards as thin as 1/8" as they will not pierce through the front. They can work with any thicker boards as well.


Q: Are they metal or plastic?
FoamFast hangers are made of metal.


Product Description


FoamFast hooks are a fast and simple solution for foam board hanging that doesn't require any complex hole punching or grommeting. Simply stick the hooked ends into the back of your board and hang it on a nail in the wall. These foam board hanging hooks have a saw-tooth design with five places for your nail, so you can be sure your board is straight and leveled perfectly, even if the nails are not. Foam Fast hangers work well with mounting boards of all thicknesses, including even those as thin as 1/8". These durable metal board hanging hooks won't pierce through the front of your board with the up-angled design, and are installed fast for quick and convenient hanging on the go.


Manufacturer Drytac
Manufacturer Part Number DT-ACC9270
Quantity 100 Pieces
Size 3/4" W x 1/8" D x 3/4" H
Color Black
Product Type Board Hangers
Board Thickness Minimum: 1/8" Thick Board
Maximum: None
Shipping Weight (lbs) 2

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