Paper Drill Accessories

Pair these drilling accessories with your paper drill. We offer drill bit cleaners to release jammed chads from hollow bits, drill wax sticks to lubricate the bits for a clean cut, and even drill bit sharpeners to help revitalize a worn our bit.

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  1. Drill-Ease Wax Sticks (Pack of 12)

    • Made of a wax based lubricant.
    • Will reduce the amount of friction and heat when drilling through paper and other materials, providing cleaner, smoother, and more accurate cuts.
    • Compatible with all paper drill bits.
    • Quantity: Pack of 12


  2. Drill Blocks (Pack of 12)

    • Act as a base (or cutting block) for the drill bits.
    • Made of a heavy duty, solid wood.
    • Thickness: 3/4"
    • Compatible Equipment: Spinnit EBM-S Drill, Challenge JF Drill, Challenge Handy-Drill


  3. MS-3 Hand Held Drill Sharpener

    • Comfortable wooden handle is easy to hold.
    • Solid carbide sharpening head provides a durable sharpening tool that has been built to last.
    • Inexpensive accessory to help keep your paper drill bits performing and their best.
    • Compatible with all of our Style A 2" and Style A 2 1/2" drill bits.


  4. MS-1 Precision Drill Bit Sharpener

    • Quickly and easily sharpen Style A 2", Style A 2
    • Sharpening head is durable and offers a clean finish, constructed of solid carbide and manufactured in the USA.
    • An optional attachment is available to fit style H bits.
    • Quantity: 1 Piece


  5. Drill Bit 2" Chip Cleaner

    • Clean all styles of hollow drill bits with this three prong drill bit chip cleaner.
    • Built to last and made with a sturdy base & heavy duty posts.
    • Compatible Equipment: Hollow Drill Bits
    • Quantity: 1 Piece


5 Items

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