Numbering Machines

Paper numbering is an important task for many businesses and schools, but it can be painstaking without the proper equipment. Binding101 offers a wide variety of automatic numbering machines and stamps that can handle most applications you encounter on a daily basis. Our selection includes an array of automatic and manual numbering machines for both low- and high-volume users. The equipment we provide is designed to make stamping and labeling paperwork, multi-sheet forms, and other materials as easy as possible. Many of the machines we carry can also be set up to accommodate sequential, duplicate, and even triplicate settings. Shop from our selection today to find the best solution for your numbering needs.

Automatic numbering machines make daily document processing fast and convenient, especially when activated with a foot pedal for hands-free operation. Every numbering machine we offer is easy to set up and use. Automatic models utilize top-feed friction to automatically grab pages from the stack, number them, and release them neatly onto the exit tray. Feed rollers can be adjusted by height to allow for single sheets, carbonless copy paper (NCR paper), and so much more, with no limitation to paper size. With a fixed depth, your numbers will stay close to the edge of the sheet and look professional. If you need a cost-effective solution, look no further than our automatic numbering stamp.

Numbering machines make smart investments for any businesses or offices that have daily numbering needs, such as print shops, binderies, studios, law offices, and other locations. In addition to automatic numbering machines, we also offer a variety of supplies and accessories to help you prevent downtime when stock runs out. We carry an assortment of numbering heads, specializing ink, cleaning products, ink pads, and other products you can use to keep production running smoothly. Spend $75* and get free standard shipping (click for details). If you have any questions about numbering supplies and accessories, please feel free to contact us today for additional information or further assistance. Email or call us at (866) 537-2244.

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Numbering Machines

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  1. Ink Cartridges for Count Tablematic Plus Numbering Machine (Price per Pack)

    • Product Type: Ink Cartridge
    • Compatible Equipment: Count Machinery Tablematic Plus and Various other Count Machinery numbering machines
    • Color: Black & Red Assorted
    • Quantity: 6/Pk, 3 Each or 10/Pk, 5 Each

    Starting at: $68.75

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  2. Supplies & Accessories for Lassco Wizer W100-3 Number Rite Numbering Machine

    • Compatible with: W100-3 Number Rite Numbering Machine
    • Various accessories & supplies available
    • Ink, ink pads, clips, supply kits, numbering heads, & more
    • OEM supplies and accessories will keep your W100-3 running smoothly, offering a clean and professional number strike

    Starting at: $6.75

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  3. Electric Numbering Head for Number Pro Touch

    • Number single sheets or crash number up through an 8 part carbonless form
    • Deluxe (7) wheel Gothic reverse numbering heads offer (5) repeat sequences: 0,1,2,3 & 6, and 3 drop-away zeros.
    • Optional 6-wheel or 8-wheel Gothic reverse numbering heads. (Repeat sequences will vary on 6 or 8 wheel heads and these heads are a special order)
    • Optional letterwheel No, blank, dash and A-G, H-P, or R-Z.


  4. Count FC114ASP Friction-Feed Digital Creaser, Numbering, & Strike Perforating Machine

    • Triple-threat machine offers easy page numbering, strike perforating, or creasing.
    • Simple programming allows you to number, crease or perforate individually.
    • Perforates at up to 12,000 sheets per hour.
    • Allows for 4 perforations per sheet.


  5. Count FC114A Air-Feed Digital Creaser, Numbering, & Perforating Machine

    • Max Compression Crease (sheets per hour): 4,500
    • Max Numbering Speed (sheets per hour): 8,000
    • Max Rotary Perf/Score Speed (sheets per hour): 12,000
    • Paper Weight Range (gsm): 60 - 350


  6. Count FC114 Friction-Feed Digital Creaser, Numbering, & Perforating Machine

    • Triple-threat machine offers easy page numbering, perforating, or creasing.
    • Creases at up to 4,500 sheets per hour.
    • Numbers at up to 8,000 sheets per hour.
    • Perforates at up to 12,000 sheets per hour.


  7. Count Auto Pro Touch Numbering Machine with 1 Pneumatic Head

    • User friendly, icon based touch screen microprocessor controller guides you through set-ups step-by-step.
    • Capacity (Maximum): 16 lb. / 16 Point
    • Numbers: 1 through 9999999
    • Numbering Wheels: One


  8. Count Tablematic Plus Numbering Machine

    • Capacity: Single Sheet (Crash Numbers Multi-Part Forms Up to 6 Parts)
    • Numbers: 1 through 999999
    • Numbering Wheels: 6 Numbering Wheels
    • Impression Font: Gothic


  9. Count Number Pro Touch Automatic Numbering Machine

    • Simple programming allows you to number, perforate, or score individually or simultaneously.
    • Automatic Bottom-of-Pile Friction Feed - Reverse fanning top friction feed allows for non-marking consistant feeding.
    • Numbers: 1 through 999999
    • Numbering Wheels: 7 Wheels Reverse


  10. Count Auto Pro Touch Numbering Machine with 2 Pneumatic Heads

    • Speed: Numbering: 8,500 Sheets / Hour and Perforating & Scoring: 12,000 Sheets / Hour
    • Capacity: Maximum: 16 lb. / 16 Point
    • Numbering Wheels: 2 Heads and 7 Wheels Reverse
    • Feed Type: Friction


  11. 5 Wheel Automatic Number Stamp

    • Operation: Manual
    • Numbering Wheels: 5 Wheels
    • Impression Size: 3/16" H x 1" W
    • Impression Font: Roman


11 Items

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