Paper Folder Accessories

Expand the folding capabilities of your paper folder with Paper Folder Accessories. Available on-site are add-ons that will increase operational efficiency and productivity. Multi Sheet Feeders allow the feeding of several pages to be inserted and folded into the machine to increase productivity as it allows operators to larger mailers and invoices. Short Fold Small Document Kit allows the folder to handle documents that are smaller than the stock your folder will allow. These accessories are compatible with Formax FD 342 & FD 382 Folders. Offer a diverse range of applications with Paper Folder Accessories.

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Paper Folder Accessories

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  1. Formax Multi Sheet Feeder for FD 342 & FD 382 Folders - FD300-20

    • Multi Sheet Feeder
    • Compatible with Formax FD 342 & FD 382 Folders
    • Allows up to 4 sheets stapled or unstapled to be folded at one time through the dedicated feed system
    • Has its own side guides and skew adjustment system


  2. Formax Short Fold Small Document Kit for FD 382 Folder - FD300-30

    • Model FD 300-30 short fold small document kit/8mA is an optional accessory
    • Compatible with Formax FD 382 paper folder
    • OEM manufacturer-direct for perfect compatibility.
    • Increase efficiency & expand job opportunities


2 Items

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