Since 1963, Lithco has been a manufacturer and distributor for a broad range of graphic arts and imaging supplies, accessories, and equipment. Based in Los Angeles, California, they partner with dealers throughout the Americas and the World. At Binding101, we are proud to be partnered with Lithco, Inc.

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    Lithco Best Sellers

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    1. Lithco Nuisance Disposable Dust Masks

      • Material: Made of a Mixture of: High Loft Polyester, Regular Polyester, & Polypropylene
      • Color: White
      • Size: One Size Fits All
      • Quantity: 50 Masks


    2. Lithco Padding Glue (Multiple Sizes Available)

      • Choose from quart or gallon containers
      • Choose from white or red pad glue
      • Made of water soluble, vinyl adhesive
      • Non-toxic and emits no VOCs, so is safe for use in all industries

      Starting at: $12.49

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      Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
      Fast Drying Padding Glue [White, 1 Quart] Item#05PADGLUE05PADGLUE
      Fast Drying Padding Glue [Red, 1 Quart] Item#05PADGLUERDQ05PADGLUERDQ
    3. 18" x 36" Lithco Tack Cloth (10 Pack)

      • Eliminates paper dust from freshly trimmed lifts of paper, making it the perfect cleaning accessory for print and finish shops.
      • Can be used to wipe the edges on freshly trimmed paper, cleaning them and prepping them for finishing and sale.
      • Help erase hickies in printing, as well as air bubbles in laminating.
      • Measures 18" x 36" with 10 clothes per box.


    4. Lithco Pumice Powder Grade FFF Cleaner [1 lb.]

      • Grade FFF deglaze powder that will remove even the toughest glaze from blankets and rollers when combined with a soft cloth that is saturated with Lithco Deglazer.
      • Works fast, and effectively eliminates glaze for the best cleaning results.
      • Recommended for polishing plates after deleting images with Lithco "Scotch" hones.
      • Non-hazardous and sold in 1 lb. container.


    4 Items

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