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MBM FC 10 Twin-Tower Automatic Collator System

Item #: KIT04MBMFC10

FC-10 Twin Tower System
FC-10 Twin Tower System Features
FC-10 Twin Tower System with Stands & High Capacity Stacker
FC-10 Twin Tower System with Stands
MBM FC-10 Twenty-Bin Twin-Tower Automatic Collator Package - Buy101

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The FC 10 Twin Tower system is an expansion of the FC 10 Ten-Bin Collating System that has been tailored to handle double the capacity with a full twenty collating bins. This package deal includes the FC 10 A and FC 10 B collators, as well as a connector transport unit to attach them together and make them work in unison. It features the same easy-to-use touch button controls and same convenient features, including the ability to collate at speeds up to 3,600 sheets per hour and programming features to simplify repeat jobs. This automatic collating machine makes a great addition for print shops or offices that collate daily and in high quantities; buy the MBM FC 10 twin-tower collator system online today and expand your business' ability to meet high-production demands and time constraints.

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