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Document Repair Tape (Price per Roll)

Item #: 06BR55191001

Document Repair Tape  - Buy101
How to fix Page Repairs, Buy Document Repair Tape Online

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Qty/Pack : 1 Roll


Document repair tape is used to repair page tears. It is made with a archival-quality, pH neutral adhesive, making it a popular choice for community and university libraries, as it will not damage the book pages or yellow over time. P.A.T. certified, the tissue tape is thin and clear enough to provide a clean fix that is easy to see through; so even if the tear goes through text on the page, the tape will not affect the view of it too greatly. A release liner on the packaging makes this book repair tape easy to apply, as it requires only simple peel-and-stick application. Once applied, use a bone folder to press the tape firmly onto the page and activate the adhesive fully, blending it to the page. You can buy archival safe document repair tissue tape for book page repair online on a 1" wide x 98' long roll, packaged in a convenient dispenser box.

Tips from Library Service Experts:

• Cut the tape into thinner strips to fit the tear more closely. We like to cut it into thirds. This uses less tape and provides a less noticeable repair.
• Don't wrap the tape around the edge of your page; instead, use two strips, one on each side. Overlap the tape and use a straight blade to cut off excess. Be sure to put protection beneath your page before cutting to protect your other pages.
• Don't skip the bone folder - it makes a big difference hiding the tape and making it last.




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