Martin Yale

Adding new cutting sticks to your Martin Yale cutter is an affordable and easy way to ensure perfectly clean cuts down to the last page. These easy-to-replace, naturally wearable parts are inexpensive and help to guarantee smooth cuts down to the bottom of the stack, so you can produce top-quality cut materials for your clients. Pair these cutter sticks with your Martin Yale cutting machine; just choose the model of your cutter below to see the options available.

Why get your cutting sticks from Binding101? We offer the best of the best Blade Saver® cutting sticks manufactured with a specialty grade of material called Kimoplastic™. This unique material is the most durable, non-abrasive, and cost-effective material designed for paper cutting, and can outlast even the OEM sticks. They are high-performance tools that come in a couple of different make-ups, (depending on your cutter) including standard, premium, heavy duty, or herculite™. Most are sold in a pack of 12 sticks, so you can be stocked up to change them out whenever needed, without the lead time.

If you don't see the Martin Yale cutter model you need a stick for in the below list, give us a call at (866) 537-2244 or send us an email to so we can quote it for you.

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Martin Yale

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  1. Martin Yale 7000E Cutting Sticks (Pack of 12)

    • Perfect match with the Martin Yale 7000E paper cutter.
    • Made with a special grade of materials called Kimoplastic that is the most durable and non-abrasive material used in paper cutting.
    • Paired with all grades of steel knives.
    • Color: White


  2. 14oz Martin Yale Static Eliminator for Paper Folders (Case of 12)

    • 14oz aerosol can size
    • Static eliminator dissipates static electricity to make folding and other paper processing applications easy
    • Eliminates the hassle and time-consuming problem caused by static
    • Sold in a case of 12 cans


  3. 13oz Martin Yale Rubber Roller Cleaner & Rejuvenator for Paper Folders (Case of 12)

    • 13oz aerosol can size
    • Roller cleaner rejuvenates rollers for folders and bursters, and eliminates roller glaze
    • Roller cleaner also helps condition rollers for better performance and longer life
    • Sold in a case of 12 cans


  4. Martin Yale PL2150 OEM Cutting Stick

    • Model # M-0210084
    • Compatible with Martin Yale PL2150 paper cutter
    • Ensures a clean cut down to the last page
    • Sold individually


4 Items

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