Counter Mat Sign Holders [Several Sizes] (Price per Pack)
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Counter Mat Sign Holders [Several Sizes] (Price per Pack)

  • Feature a 1/16" thick non-slip rubber backing.
  • Clear window is made of a 15 mil scratch-resistant vinyl.
  • 1" thick black border.
  • Sizes: Letter Size (8 1/2" x 11" insert, 10 1/2" x 13" overall mat size) or Tabloid Size (11" x 17" insert, 13" x 19" overall mat size)
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Counter Mat Sign Holder [11" x 17" Insert] (1/pk) Item#88KI107416 88KI107416


Use that counter space more efficiently to advertise your business, promotions, or affiliates with our counter mat sign holders. These promotional displays feature a 1/16" thick non-slip rubber backing that holds onto your counter, without the need for adhesive, making them completely mobile and removable with no residue. The clear window is made of a 15 mil scratch-resistant vinyl, so it can withstand customers setting their purses, products, change, and other items on it, without getting damaged. It features a 1" thick black border that helps bring attention to your display. These rubber counter mat displays are sealed on three sides with a pocket opening on the long end so you can easily insert, remove, and edit your media as often as needed, while still resting easy knowing it won't slide out on its own. Choose from two popular sizes including one for letter size media (8 ½" x 11" insert, 10 ½" x 13" overall mat size) as well as for tabloid size (11" x 17" insert, 13" x 19" overall mat size). The actual visible dimensions are slightly larger than your insert for easier use, and so your printout can have a full bleed and be completely visible. These display counter mats are packaged with 10 sign holders per pack.


Item # 88KI10741-GRP
Manufacturer Kinter
Manufacturer Part Number 107415 107416
Quantity 10 / Pack
Color Clear with 1" Black Border
Material 15 Mil Scratch-Resistant Vinyl with 1/16" Thick Non-Slip Rubber Backing


Don't let your counter space go to waste -- it is valuable marketing real estate that can be easily taken advantage of with our new counter mat display sign holders. Whether you have a restaurant, retail store, or walk-in business of any kind, counter mat pockets are a great way to inform customers about whatever you want to during the checkout process. Show them how they can connect with you on social media, promote a new product or service, merchandise a special offer, or answer FAQs...whatever you want!

Completely removable and editable, these promotional displays come in two popular sizes. The first size is a perfect for a 8 ½" x 11" insert, measuring 10 ½" x 13" overall with a 1" black border and slightly over-sized clear-view area. This size is a great choice for those with smaller counters. The second size is for an 11" x 17" tabloid size insert, measuring 13" x 17" overall with the same 1" thick black border and slightly over-sized clear-view area. This large rubber counter mat is ideal for larger promotional displays.

Both clearview counter pockets can be placed either portrait or landscape style, depending on your preference and the space available. They also feature a 1/16" thick, non-slip, heavy duty rubber backing that holds them firmly in-place without the need for adhesive; this means they can easily be removed or relocated without having to hassle with cleaning up any sticky residue. The clear front is made of a scratch-resistant 15 mil vinyl that is easy to view-through, but durable enough to withstand the heavy handling it will endure on your checkout counter. They are sealed on three sides, allowing you the ability to easily change out your displays while still resting easy knowing they won't slide out while in-use, or be easily removed by customers. Sold in a pack of 10 counter mat sign holders, these durable displays will help keep your graphics straight and in plain view of every customer that comes in.

Popular Uses:

   • Temporary Promotions
   • Product Highlights
   • New Products
   • Up-sells
   • Special Offers
   • Announcements
   • FAQs
   • Contact Information
   • Your Business on Social Media
   • Affiliate Products

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