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Spiral Binding Plastic Coils (Special 36" Long, 4:1 Pitch) (Box of 100)


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These over-sized spiral binding coils are 36" long and available in the standard 4:1 pitch spacing. The long 36" edge allows for binding huge books up to 35" long, but is typically cut down to size by the user to fit their books that might be 6" memo size, 8 ½" half size, 14" legal size, or any other size smaller than 35". They are a popular solution for many organizations, but especially schools and businesses that create books, presentations, and manuals of all different sizes. Just use regular coil crimper pliers to cut them down to size and crimp them around your book. They offer the same flexibility and durability as our standard letter size coils, allowing them to bounce back to normal shape, even after heavy use. You can buy 36" long spiral binding coils online in sizes ranging from 6mm up to 32mm, as well as in white or black. These sizes are packaged with 100 coils per box. Or if you need a different color or size, consider special-order colors and custom coil bindings.

Starting at: $14.99
Qty/Pack : 100 Coils / Box

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Coil Binding FAQs:

Q: What size coil should I order?
View the capacity chart in the product description to see the capacity recommendations for each size of coil.

Product Description

If you are binding books using any pages other than traditional letter size sheets, and don't want to invest in custom cut coils, then buy these 36" long spiral binding coils online. They are easily cut down to fit your book using the standard cutting and crimping pliers and are not limited to the book size, as long as it is shorter than 35" tall. This means you can use them for 6" high memo size books, 8 ½" high half size books, 14" long legal size books, or unique extra large double-letter 24" tall books, and anything in-between. You can use these long book binding coils to create three letter size books per coil, while still allowing the extra 1" per book (1/2" on each side) to allow for proper crimping in of the edges. Or if you are working with just letter size books, you can also use our standard 12" long coils that are pre-cut for you.

These spiral binding coils feature the standard 4:1 pitch spacing. But what is a 4:1 pitch? In regards to book binding, a "pitch" refers to the number of holes per inch on the binding edge. So these 4:1 coils have four spiral loops per inch, which correspond to four punched holes per inch of your pages. This is the traditional spacing for plastic coils, and will work with any 4:1 pitch spiral binding machine, no matter whether they have round or oval holes.

If you need help choosing the proper coil size (coil diameter), you can use the capacity chart below. This chart indicates all of the coil sizes that are stocked in the 36" length, the approximate sheet capacity, and the approximate book thickness. The sheet capacity is determined using standard 20 lb. bond copy paper, so will vary depending on the kind of paper you are binding and the report covers being used. The stack thickness is a more accurate measurement, that should be determined by measuring your book as it lays flat on a table loosely (not pressed down or compressed tight). If you need a size not shown, then check out our special-order and custom coil bindings page.

Spiral Binding Coil Capacity Chart:

  Coil Diameter     Approximate Sheet Capacity  
  [20 lb. Bond Paper]  
  Approximate Book Thickness  
  [Loose Stack]  
  6mm     5-35 Sheets     1/4" Thick Book  
  7mm     36-47 Sheets     9/32" Thick Book  
  8mm     48-60 Sheets     5/16" Thick Book  
  9mm     61-70 Sheets     23/64" Thick Book  
  10mm     71-80 Sheets     3/8" Thick Book  
  11mm     81-90 Sheets     7/16" Thick Book  
  12mm     91-100 Sheets     1/2" Thick Book  
  13mm     101-110 Sheets     17/32" Thick Book  
  14mm     111-120 Sheets     9/16" Thick Book  
  15mm     121-130 Sheets      19/32" Thick Book  
  16mm     131-140 Sheets     5/8" Thick Book  
  18mm     151-160 Sheets     23/32" Thick Book  
  20mm     161-170 Sheets      3/4" Thick Book  
  22mm     181-200 Sheets     7/8" Thick Book  
  25mm     211-230 Sheets     1" Thick Book  
  28mm     231-250 Sheets     1 ⅛" Thick Book  
  30mm     251-270 Sheets     1 ³/₁₆" Thick Book  
  32mm     271-290 Sheets     1 ¼" Thick Book  


Manufacturer Buy101
Quantity 100 Coils / Box
Capacity Varies Depending on Size
View the Chart in the Product Description for Details
Sheet Capacity Varies Depending on Size
View the Chart in the Product Description for Details
Recommended Book Thickness Varies Depending on Size
View the Chart in the Product Description for Details
Material Plastic
Binding Style Spiral Binding / Plastic Coil
Maximum Binding Edge 35"
Length 36" Long
Pitch / Hole Pattern Spiral Binding 4:1

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