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12" x 100' Rose Gold 70 Toner Foil Fusing Roll [1/2" Core] (1 Roll) Item#02FF12100RG70

Item #: 02FF12100RG70

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12" x 100' rose gold 70 toner foil offers a stunning, metallic color that is great for boho and rustic designs. It is used by businesses who want to make shimmery letter head, stand-out business cards, wedding invitations, and much more. Just pair your foil with a quality pouch laminator*, pouch carrier*, smooth paper stock of your choice*, some scratch paper, and your copier/printer*. It is simple to do: print your design and cut a piece of foil off the roll to fit the portion of your design that you want foiled. If you are not foiling the entire design, place a piece of scrap paper over the ink not being foiled. Then place the sheet into the pouch carrier, and run it through your laminating machine. Allow the sheet to cool for at least 30 seconds, and then open the carrier and peel off the foil. If the finished foil is not perfect, try some of these troubleshooting tips and laminator adjustments. You will be left with a shimmery metallic rose gold finish that is sure to impress.

DIY foiling is popular for individuals prepping for special events, such as weddings, as well as for businesses, such as print shops, that want to offer a fast, on-demand, and low-minimum alternative to traditional foil stamping. Small businesses with rustic themes will use them to make stand-out letter head and business card designs, while decorators and designers will create art prints that are framed and hung on the wall.

We have a large selection of metallic foil roll colors, including additional a slightly less pink rose gold 95, as well as metallic copper and satin copper. Important Note: These 12" x 100' foil rolls feature a 1/2" core and are intended for use with laminating machines. If you have one of our foil fusing machines, then you will need to get the 24" x 500' rolls, which feature the 1" core required.

Qty/Pack : 1 Roll

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Product Description

This particular foil is rose gold 70, which has a bit more pink in it that the rose gold 95. Rose gold 70 is the preferred color by most customers, as it offers a more rosy color. Watch our comparison video that shows the two foils side-by-side, along with our copper foil options. You can buy 12" x 100' rose gold 70 toner foil online today. They are wrapped onto a 1/2" core, and you can easily cut strips of foil off the roll in your desired size, as needed. This unique toner foil sticks to dry toner* printed onto smooth paper* with the help of the heat applied by a pouch laminator*. With this trendy rose gold foil, you can create shimmery foiled designs for business cards, letter head, artistic prints, and more.

* Foil will adhere only to dry toner, not wax-based inks. Smooth paper stock will achieve the best results, and textured paper will not produce smooth results. For the best results, use a pouch laminator that has adjustable heat and speed settings, such as the Sprinter-Lam 335R6 or SpeedyLam 330R.


Item # 02FF12100RG70
Manufacturer Therm-O-Type
Manufacturer Part Number FM-MB-GLD-70-12
Quantity 1 Roll
Size 12" x 100'
Color Rose Gold 70
Compatible Equipment Select Pouch Laminating Machines*
Foil Pattern Metallic Solid Colors
Shipping Weight (lbs) 3
Product Weight (lbs) 2

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