A - Z Uncollated Avery Bottom Letter Tabs (Pack of 25 Tabs)
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A - Z Uncollated Avery Bottom Letter Tabs (Pack of 25 Tabs)

Brand: Binding101
  • Tab titles printed both sides (Tumble Style)
  • 80# White Index
  • Clear Mylar Reinforced Tabs
  • 1/5th Cut Tab Size
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"A" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDIAB10LTINDIAB
"B" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDIBB10LTINDIBB
"C" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDICB10LTINDICB
"D" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDIDB10LTINDIDB
"E" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDIEB10LTINDIEB
"F" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDIFB10LTINDIFB
"G" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDIGB10LTINDIGB
"H" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDIHB10LTINDIHB
"I" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDIIB10LTINDIIB
"J" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) item#10LTINDIJB10LTINDIJB
"K" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDIKB10LTINDIKB
"L" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDILB10LTINDILB
"M" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDIMB10LTINDIMB
"N" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDINB10LTINDINB
"O" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDIOB10LTINDIOB
"P" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDIPB10LTINDIPB
"Q" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDIQB10LTINDIQB
"R" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDIRB10LTINDIRB
"S" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDISB10LTINDISB
"T" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDITB10LTINDITB
"U" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDIUB10LTINDIUB
"V" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDIVB10LTINDIVB
"W" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDIWB10LTINDIWB
"X" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDIXB10LTINDIXB
"Y" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDIYB10LTINDIYB
"Z" Bottom Letter Tabs [Letter Size] (25/bag) Item#10LTINDIZB10LTINDIZB


Uncollated bottom indexes are pre-printed with the alphabet, and sold individually by-the-letter. This means you don't have to buy a full A-Z set, but instead, you can just order the single letters you need. Each bag contains 25 sheets of that individual letter. Convenient, fast, and inexpensive, these legal dividers are Avery-style, printed with an easy-to-read Helvetica bold font on both sides in tumble format. These thick dividers are made from an 80# index stock and feature a clear mylar laminate coat on the extension itself, which makes them tear-resistant and much more durable.These tabs are 1/10 cut, which means that: when they are arranged into a set, you can see 10 tabs at a time. They are letter size 8½" wide and 11" high, plus a standard 1/2" side tab extension, making them 8½" wide and 11½" high, overall. The bright white paper stock is not punched, leaving the binding and filing choices completely up to you.
Not the printed legal tabs you're looking for? Shop our full selection of printed dividers, or call us at (866) 537-2244 for a quote on custom tabs.
Key Features:
• Uncollated Tabs Sets (Each Bag Only Contains 1 Letter)
• Lettered Tabs (Printed 2-Sides, Tumbled)
• 1/10th Cut Tab Size
• Letter Size
• Clear Mylar Reinforced Tabs
• Unpunched
• Helvetica Bold Text
• 80# White Index
• 25 Tab Sheets / Bag


Brand NameBinding101
Manufacturer Part Number10LTINDIB GRP
Quantity25 Tabs / Bag
SizeLetter Size
Material80# Index
Tab StyleAvery
Printing TypeLetters
Tab LocationBottom
Tab CollationUncollated
Tab Cut1/10
Mylar™Clear Mylar™
Tab Printing Side(s)Two-Sided (Tumble Format)
FontHelvetica Bold
Body PrintingRecycled Logo on Back of Sheet Upper Right Corner 1/4" Diameter, Gray Ink
Tab Extension1/2" Standard Tab Extension
Number of HolesNo Holes [Unpunched]


Quickly, conveniently, and inexpensively keep your files organized with these bottom tab dividers. Printed on two-sides with alphabet letters, these tabs are uncollated and sold individually by-the-number. Only need letters A, C, and Z? No problem! Each are sold in a bag of 25 sheets. Made from a sturdy 80# white index stock, these legal Avery dividers also feature a clear mylar coating on the tab extension; this laminate addition makes them even more durable and tear-resistant. They are not punched, which leaves them versatile for use with any kind of document filing system your business utilizes: ring binders, coil bindings, fasteners, or anything else.

Some of the features that make lettered tabs great for filing include:

  • Uncollated Tabs - Uncollated is a term that means the tabs are not sold in a pack of consecutive letters but, instead, are sold in packs of a single character. For instance, you can buy a pack of uncollated letter tabs in a "F", or in a "X", etc. They are bagged with 25 tab sheets, and are located in the proper positioning for collating at a a later time. That means that letter A tabs are always in position 1, letter B tabs are always in position 2, etc.
  • 1/10 Cut - They are 1/10th cut, which means that positioning starts over after each 10 tabs. So A through J are in positions 1 through 10, K through T are in positions 1 through 10, and U through Z are in positions 1 through 6.
  • Pre-Printed - These index dividers are pre-printed with English alphabet letters, making them versatile for any use you see fit. Both sides of the tabs are printed in tumble format
  • Easy to Read - A black Helvetica Bold font is used, making them easy to read.
  • Durable - Made from 80# index paper stock and featuring a reinforced/laminated extension in a clear Mylar.
  • Not Punched - Unpunched tabs are more versatile, so you can punch or bind them any way you need.

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