Preferred Pack TZ-889 Banding Strips (Price per Box)
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Preferred Pack TZ-889 Banding Strips (Price per Box)

  • Compatible with Preferred Pack TZ-889 Automatic Banding Machine
  • Heat Activated Adhesive
  • 2000' Long (3/4", 1", or 1.5" Widths)
  • Quantity: 7, 10 or 15 Rolls/Box
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These banding strips are heat-activated and compatible with the Preferred Pack TZ-889 automatic banding machine. They are available in several different options, including widths, colors, and materials. Choose from a brown kraft paper banding strip, a white kraft paper banding strip, or a clear plastic binding strip. The kraft paper banding strips are more of a simple and traditional option, while the clear plastic is unobtrusive of your materials, so you get more marketing impact. These banding tapes are on a 2000' (foot) long roll, so you can refill the machine less often. You can also choose from different roll widths and lengths for your convenience, including 3/4", 1", or 1 ½" wide rolls.
With the TZ-889 bander and these banding strip tape rolls of choice, you can produce beautifully bundled materials of all kinds. Whether you are using them to wrap business cards, to secure a lid to a small box, create neat stacks of brochures, or wrap packs of postcards for sale...whatever your bundling application, these banding strips are a great solution. Because the TZ-889 is automatic, you can quickly and efficiently create professionally packaged products, all while saving money on tape and boxes.


Item # 05PPBT-GRP
Manufacturer Preferred Packaging Systems
Adhesive Heat Activated
Compatible Equipment Preferred Pack TZ-889 Automatic Banding Machine
Roll Width Choose from 3/4", 1", or 1.5" Wide
Roll Length 2000' Long
Material Choose Paper or Plastic
Color Choose from Brown (Paper), White (Paper), or Clear (Plastic)
Quantity 7, 10, or 15 Rolls / Box (Depends on Roll Size)


Whether you want to bundle together stacks of marketing materials for to keep them organized while traveling, or you want to package business cards, or you want to band brochures and postcards, these Preferred Pack banding strip tape rolls are a great solution. They are compatible with the Preferred Pack TZ-889 automatic banding machine and feature a heat-activated adhesive that is activated when entered into the machine. These rolls are 2000' long, so you can get more from one roll than many other banding solutions out there. With these banding strips and the Preferred Pack machine, most users can wrap materials as quickly as about 25 per minute; that is an output of about 1,500 bundles per hour.

Perfect for daily use, these banding strips are easy to install into the machine, and come in three different material options for versatility. The first two options are both made of a kraft paper, and one is a natural brown kraft, while the other is white. The third option is a clear plastic film roll, which is ideal for when you don't want the printed materials on your stack to be obstructed by a stripe.

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