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Therm-O-Type FT-15 Foil Fuser

Item #: 04TOTFT15

Therm-O-Type Model FT-15 Foil Fuser - Buy101
Create unique business cards with the FT-10 foil fuser
Create beautiful invitations with the FT-10 foil fuser

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The Therm-O-Type FT-15 foil fuser has been designed for the on-demand book and printing industry as an efficient and easy way to apply foil to smooth paper stocks. It features convenient variable speed control and temperature control, which help you to achieve the perfect finish by allowing for adjustments for different applications. A good starting point would be about 255° and a speed setting around 40%. The FT-15 foil fusing machine also has six heated fusing rollers, which allow for consistent heat and pressure, as well as lending to speed. It features a 14 ½" wide feed opening, so you can create larger prints and sheet sizes. When you buy the Therm-O-Type FT-15 foil fuser online, you can produce client wedding invitations, wall art prints, business cards and much more. This fusing machine is compatible with our 24 x 500' foil rolls featuring 1" cores, however, the rolls need to be cut down to the allowed 14 ½" width or smaller first.

Troubleshooting Foil Fusing:
① If the tips of your design are missing foil, then settings are either too slow or too hot.
② If there is incomplete foil in solid areas, then settings are either too fast or too cold.





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