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Therm-O-Type Manual Foil-Tech Foil Fuser


Buy Therm-O-Type Manual Foil Fuser + Foil Fusing Machine Online
Buy Therm-O-Type ManualFoil Fusing Machine Online
Make foil business cards with the Therm-O-Type manual foil fuser
Make foil invitations & envelopes with the Therm-O-Type manual foil fuser
Make foil prints with the Therm-O-Type manual foil fuser

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Designed for smaller print shops that need the ability to apply foil to smooth pages frequently, but not in a high-volume environment, the Therm-O-Type Foil-Tech manual foil fuser offers fast an easy manual foil fusing. It features a 14 ½" wide feed opening, which means you can apply foil to larger prints, as well as traditional business cards and invitations. The perfect addition to your copy machine, the manual Foil-Tech foiling machine eliminates the need for expensive foil stamping dies for every design...instead, it uses a specialized thermal fusing foil that adheres to dry toner. This durable foiling machine features adjustable settings for heat and speed, so you can tailor it to fut your exact specifications, lending to an extremely professional and beautiful finish. Once you begin feeding in your sheets, you control the roll pressure with a handle, and can run the machine at speeds up to 1,500 sheets per hour. Buy the Therm-O-Type Manual Foil-Tech foil fuser online and start making your own beautiful and vibrant invitations, awards, business cards, letterhead, wall art prints and so much more. This fusing machine is compatible with our 24 x 500' foil rolls featuring 1" cores, however, the rolls need to be cut down to the allowed 14 ½" width or smaller first. A good starting point for most applications in regards to speed and heat is 40% speed and 255° F.

Troubleshooting Foil Fusing:
① If the tips of your design are missing foil, then settings are either too slow or too hot.
② If there is incomplete foil in solid areas, then settings are either too fast or too cold.





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