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Cold Self-Laminating Sheets (Price per Pack)


Cold laminating sheets, also called self-laminating sheets, work without heat, so there is no equipment required. Simply center your document on the laminate and press down; with just pressure, these laminating sheets will create a strong, protective bond with your item to help prevent folding and ripping. You can use tools such as folding bones or brayer hand rollers to create an even pressure and remove any air bubbles, or you can simply use your hands. You can buy cold self-laminating sheets online in a variety of sizes, as well as in either single-sided sheets, or double-sided pouches. 1-sided sheets are packaged with 10 per pack, and 2-sided sheets are packaged with 100.

Product Name Price Qty
1-Sided Self-Laminating Sheets [9" x 11 ½", Gloss] (10/Pk) Item#80AGGUV911
1-Sided Self-Laminating Sheets [18" x 24", Matte] (10/Pk) Item#80AGSU1824
1-Sided Self-Laminating Sheets [20 ½" x 30 ½", Gloss] (10/Pk) Item#80AGGUVD2030
1-Sided Self-Laminating Sheets [24 ½" x 36 ½", Gloss] (10/Pk) Item#80AGGUVD2436
1-Sided Self-Laminating Sheets [24 ½" x 36 ½", Matte] (10/Pk) Item#80AGSU2436
2-Sided Self-Laminating Sheets [2 ⅛" x 3 ⅜" Credit Card, Gloss] (100/Pk) Item#09CCSELFLM
2-Sided Self-Laminating Sheets [2 ⅝" x 3 ¹⁵/₁₆" Business Card, Gloss] (100/Pk) Item#09BCSELFLM
2-Sided Self-Laminating Sheets [3" x 4", Slot Punch on 4" Side, Gloss] (100/Pk) Item#09IDSL805PET
2-Sided Self-Laminating Sheets [8 ½" x 11", Gloss] (100/Pk) Item#093L17030857

Product Description


Cold self laminating sheets let you cover documents in a protective laminate sheet without the use of an expensive laminating machine. Simply place your document or photo onto the laminate and press down. The adhesive will create a firm seal to protect against scratches, bends and light spills. Choose from either 1-sided self laminating sheets or 2-sided self laminating pouches.

1-Sided Laminating Sheets - Single sided cold laminating sheets protect and enhance the surface of your mounted prints. The 1-sided cold laminate sheet simply gets pressed down onto your print after peeling the liner. It will protect against moisture and handling while adding a professional and finished appeal. The gloss film will make your colors more vivid and bright. Film sheets also have UV inhibitors to help reduce fading and feature acid free adhesive. A non-stick sled is included for single-side lamination and a permanent non-yellowing adhesive provides a strong hold. The 1-sided laminating film sheets are 3 mil thick and are packaged with 10 sheets per box.

2-Sided Laminating Pouches - Two sided cold laminating pouches fully encapsulate your prints on the front and back, providing the ultimate protection. Simply place your document or photo between the sheets, peel the liner and press the film down firmly. For larger pouches, we recommend you use a roller or straight item (such as a bone folder or ruler) to evenly press the pouch down and roll out any bubbles. The 2-sided laminating film pouches are about 12 mil thick (8mil+4mil) and are packaged with 100 pouches per box.


Manufacturer Part Number SELFLAM GRP
Quantity 1 Sided: 10 Sheets, 2-Sided: 100 Sheets
Product Type Laminating Sheets [Cold]
Laminate Finish Gloss or Matte
Adhesive Type Pressure Sensitive
Shipping Weight (lbs) 8

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