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Challenge SCM Manual Corner Rounder Dies & Accessories

Item #: SCMM-GRP

When you buy Challenge SCM dies and knives for your SCM Hydraulic corner rounder online, you not only reduce any strain on your machine that may be caused from using a dull blade, you also guarantee a perfectly clean rounded corner for your paper and plastic materials. When combined with the SCM Manual corner rounder, these knives and dies can cut cleanly through a 2" thick stack of material. Made of premium materials for a long life, these SCM Manual dies come in a large variety of sizes including 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", straight and a 45° configurations. Because these knives and dies are not sold in a set, you only need to buy what you need to replace: so if your die is fine but your knife needs replacing, you only need to purchase a new knife; this way you are not spending money on unnecessary consumables before they are needed. However, both a die and a knife are required for the machine to work properly, so be sure that you have a full set before running your machine.

Product Name Price Qty
Challenge Round Cornering Die [1/8"] Item#05CHL67222
Challenge Round Cornering Knife [1/8"] Item#05CHL67212
Challenge Round Cornering Die [1/4"] Item#05CHL67224
Challenge Round Cornering Knife [1/4"] Item#05CHL67214
Challenge Round Cornering Die [3/8"] Item#05CHL67226
Challenge Round Cornering Knife [3/8"] Item#05CHL67216
Challenge Round Cornering Die [1/2"] Item#05CHL67228
Challenge Round Cornering Knife [1/2"] Item#05CHL67218
Challenge Round Cornering Die [5/8"] Item#05CHL672210
Challenge Round Cornering Knife [5/8"] Item#05CHL672110
Challenge Round Cornering Knife [45°] Item#05CHL6761
Challenge Round Cornering Die [Straight] Item#05CHL6762RS

Product Description


The Challenge Manual Corner Rounding Machine accepts six standard size cutting units ranging in size from 1/8" through 5/8" radius. Both the knife and die are required for each radius cutting unit, so be sure to add one of each to your shopping cart if you need the full set. They are sold separately so you can replace just the knife if it dulls down, or just the die if it breaks.


Manufacturer Challenge Machinery Company
Quantity 1 Piece
Compatible Equipment Challenge SCM Manual Floor Standing Corner Rounder
Product Type Dies & Knives
Can Cut Materials Paper
Capacity 2" Thick Stack

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