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Polar Heidelberg 76EL Replacement Blades


Polar Heidelberg 76EL Replacement Blade

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Polar Heidelberg 76EL Replacement Blade [Standard Inlay, 36.417" x 4.33" x 0.382", 14 Holes (M10)] Item#05JYPO43700
Polar Heidelberg 76EL Replacement Blade [High Speed Steel, 36.417" x 4.33" x 0.382", 14 Holes (M10)] Item#05JYPO43700HS


If your Polar cutting machine needs a replacement knife, then look no further. You can buy Polar Heidelberg 76EL replacement blades online, which measure 36.417" x 4.33" x 0.382" and feature 14 M10 holes. They are available in either a standard inlay steel or high speed steel option. The standard inlay blade is made of a 50/50 composition of standard grade steel and high alloy steel, which offers strength while keeping the price more economical. The high speed steel replacement blade is extremely wear-resistant, lasting an average of up to 5 times longer than conventional blades. HSS blades are manufactured of a bi-metallic composition with a 50/50 blend of standard grade steel and high speed steel, which includes 18% T1 German tungsten for incredible strength and accuracy.

Polar Heidelberg high speed cutting machines meet the highest demands for quality, efficiency, and durability. But when you use a dull blade, you diminish those qualities, slowing down your cutter, adding undue wear, and producing a sub-par finished product. Replacing the blade, however, is an inexpensive way to not only ensure perfect presentations, but protect your valuable equipment investment. Our replacement paper cutter knives are Diamond Cut®, which ensures extreme precision and accuracy that is made specifically to exceed OEM specifications.