One-Step Machines

One step shrink wrap machines are all-in-one systems that combine edge sealing and a shrink tunnel into a single function, which can dramatically increase production and efficiency. That is why one-step shrink systems are the most common choice for large corporations and warehouses where frequent, daily packaging in large batches is needed. When the lid is closed around your item, it creates your sealed edges and uses strong fan motors to produce heat in the chamber that shrinks the film around your item.

Don't be intimidated by these shrink wrapping machines; they are actually quite simple to operate, which makes it easy for anyone in your shipping and packaging departments to use them whenever needed. Simply install your centerfold shrink wrap film roll, pull the roll up to the tunnel, insert your item into the film, and pull down the hood. In only a few moments, you are left with a perfectly finished shrink-wrapped package ready for delivery to your client.

One step shrink systems are popular for all-day, every-day shipping operations for a huge variety of industries. Whether you're producing products for retail distribution, packaging product for shipping, wrapping baskets for special events, or wrapping food items and groceries for sale, these simple and fast machines can help you get the job done as efficiently as possible. Single step shrink technology is loaded with features that incorporate fairly quiet and simple operation to make it easy for any user in your company. They are industrial strength and quality, and with the combination of functions, even save space in your warehouse or workroom.

With a one-step system, you combine the previously tedious and time-consuming task of shrinking into one fast step that will increase production and decrease overhead. At Binding101 you can rest easy knowing that you are shopping from only the best-in-class systems with high customer ratings and positive manufacturing experiences with decades in the industry. We strive to offer competitive pricing on all systems, and even honor a price match guarantee on most models. Need help finding the perfect shrink wrap system? Call our experts at (866) 537-2244 for individual guidance to the best one step shrink wrap machine for your needs.

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One-Step Machines

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  1. Minipack RP85 One-Step Shrink Wrap Machine

    • Automatic hood open
    • Innovative upper hood fastening: simplified maintenance and enhanced stability
    • Steel bodywork: sturdy and accessible
    • Speed: 300 Packages / Hour

    Starting at: $125.00

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    Minipack RP85 One-Step Shrink Wrap Machine Item#04MPRP85 04MPRP85
    12" Oversized Hood for Minipack RP85 Item#04MPRP8512H 04MPRP8512H
    Film Opener Tool for Minipack RP85 Item#04MPRP85FO 04MPRP85FO
  2. Dempack H25 One-Step Shrink System

    • Convenient seal and shrink machine
    • User-friendly touch panel and LCD display
    • Seal bar measures 22" X 17"
    • Maximum product height: 10 -1/4"


  3. Model 240C Combo Shrink System with Power Take-Away

    • Dwell control allows the use of all types of shrinking films of up to 20" wide
    • 360 degree air circulation ensures consistent results and superior performance
    • Adjustable package tray and film cradle
    • Made in the USA


  4. Minipack Replay 55 EVO One Step Shrink Wrap Machine

    • Innovative fixing of the plexi-glass hood: easier maintenance and higher stability
    • Teflon Coated Sealing Blade
    • Speed: 360 Packages / Hour
    • Chamber Height: 8"


6 Items

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