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Mightee Mount Foam Board Stands


Mightee Mount foam board stands make the perfect addition to any office, firm, or hotel that needs to display rigid mounting boards in the office, at a trade show, and more. Because they mount into the bottom of your display board, they leave the most important parts of your display visible and provide a sleek and modern look. They are very sturdy, and can hold mounting boards as tall as 60" high, and as thick as 1/2". They come in three different widths including 24" wide, 36" wide and 48" wide to handle boards of many widths. With these floor standing mounting board stands you can create a two-sided display in either portrait or landscape form in just seconds. Because these two-piece stands are held together with bolts and wing nuts (included) that are drilled through the bottom of your board, they provide a very sturdy display that works well in high-traffic areas. Ready to enhance your board display game? Buy Mightee Mount foam board stands online for your next trade show or event.

Product Name Price Qty
Mightee Mount Board Stand [24" Wide] Item#80AGFM70630
Mightee Mount Board Stand [36" Wide] Item#80AGFM70632
Mightee Mount Board Stand [48" Wide] Item#80AGFM70634

Mightee Mount FAQs

Q: What size is best for my board?
All sizes create a sturdy base as they are drilled into your board. They are recommended for a maximum board height of 60", thought taller boards are also compatible, they will just be less sturdy. Choose your size based on the width of your board.


Q: How deep are the stands?
All sizes are 9" deep and 3 ½" high.


Q: What is included with the stand?
Included with your stand purchase are the wing nuts and carriage bolts needed to properly mount your display. Mounting boards are not included.


Product Description


These durable and stable mount board stands are known as Mightee Mounts. They are low-profile, sitting only about 3 ½" high off the floor, and do not require any frames to keep your boards visible, offering the most visual impact. With these foam board stands you can display the front and back of your boards easily and professionally. the two base pieces are held together with wing nut screws, which allows for an adjustable width capacity so it can firmly hold mounting boards up to 1/2" thick. Known as the best trade show sign stands, the Mightee Mount foam board stands are nearly impossible to knock over, making them a great choice for high-traffic areas. They are installed quickly and simply, drilling holes through the bottom of your board for unmatched balance and stability. We offer the Mightee Mounts foam board stands in an elegant black color and in several widths for your different board sizes, including 24" wide, 36" wide, and 48" wide. All sizes will create a steady base when used with 60" high boards or shorter (taller boards can be used, but we recommend a 60" high maximum for the most stability).


Manufacturer Testrite Visual Products
Manufacturer Part Number MIGHTEE GRP
Included Supplies & Accessories 1 Mightee Mount Stand
Wing Nuts & Carriage Bolts
Dimensions 3 ½" H x 9" D [Choose from Multiple Widths]
Quantity 1 Piece
Color Black
Product Type Board Stands
Capacity Up to 1/2" Thick Rigid Board
[No More Than 60" H Boards Recommended]
Board Thickness Maximum: 1/2" Thick Board
Shipping Weight (lbs) 25

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