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MBM 352F Friction Fed Paper Folder

Item #: 04MBM352F

MBM 352F Friction-Fed Paper Folder - Buy101
MBM 352F Friction-Fed Paper Folder - Buy101

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The MBM 352F paper folder is a great option for print shops who work with non-coated stock but need precision and the ability to handle high volume workloads. It features a dual roller friction feed system and heavy duty, non-flexing side frames with needle bearings ensure a perfect finished fold. Adjustments between folds can ve done very fast and can be adjusted to six standard pre-set folds, or be completely customized to suit your needs. The speed is variable so you can change it to fit your specific requirements, and can run as fast as 22,000 sheets per hour*. Unique polyurethane foam rollers reduce the pressure needed for pages, so reduce scuffs and allow for more variety of paper stocks without making adjustments to the machine; it can even handle carbonless sheets. The finished fanned stack is clean and easy to work with. Buy the MBM 352F friction fed paper folder online and enhance the capabilities of your office, mail room or print shop.

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