Intimus 60CP7 Micro Cross Cut High Security P-7 Paper Shredder
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Intimus 60CP7 Micro Cross Cut High Security P-7 Paper Shredder

Item #: 04MYI60CC6
Brand: Intimus
  • Shred Capacity: 6 Sheets
  • Shred Speed: 16 Feet / Minute
  • P-7 Security Level
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The Intimus 60CP7 (previously the model 60 CC6) is a professional paper shredder that is perfect for between 5 to 10 daily users who require the protection of a high-security micro cut. This shredding machine not only meets, but exceeds legal government requirements for DIN 66399 and DOD/NSA/CSS specification 02/01, creating tiny micro-cut particles measuring just 0.8mm x 4.5mm. Built to shred through up to 6 sheets of paper at a time, and at speeds up to 9 reams per hour, the 60CP7 shredder is a good fit for medium-sized offices that shred sensitive materials. It is mounted onto rolling castors, so can be easily moved when needed. The feed opening measures 10 ¼" wide, which will work well for letter size, legal size, and over sized paper widths. Unique to Intimus shredders, Silentec® technology within the machine keeps the noise level at a low, less than 55 decibel level. This means it can be placed and used near desks and employees without disrupting them. Compact in size, but advanced features, the Intimus 60 level 6 security shredder will suit the high security needs of any small to medium office.


Item # 04MYI60CC6
Manufacturer Intimus
Manufacturer Part Number 279294S1
Suggested User Small Office, Medium Office, Government
Recommended Daily Users 5-10 Daily Users
Cut Type Micro Cut
Shred Size 1/32" x 11/64" [0.8mm x 4.5mm]
Security Level (Paper) P-7
Feed Opening 10 ¼"
Shred Capacity 6 Sheets
Shred Speed 16 Feet / Minute [9 Reams / Hour]
Cuts Through Paper
Special Features Automatic Reverse (Jam Protection), Bag Full Indicator, DLS Dynamic Load Sensor, Evergy-Saving Automatic Power Off
Operating Noise < 55 db(A)
Waste Bin Capacity 15.9 Gallons
Safety Features Door Open Detection
Included Supplies & Accessories 110ml Starter Bottle of Oil
Qty.4 Shredder Bags
Compatible Supplies & Accessories Shredder Oil
Castors Yes
Manufacturer's Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty
Lifetime Limited Warranty on Cutting Cylinders
Dimensions 17 ⁷/₁₀" W x 15 ⅖" D x 30 ³/₁₀" H
Certifications CE
Power Voltage 110 V / 120 V
Product Weight (lbs) 80
Shipping Weight (lbs) 95


Intimus has done it again with their 60CP7 micro-cut shredder. This high security paper shredder has all the outstanding features of the professional Intimus® shredders, but with the added safety and security that comes with a micro-cut shredder that exceeds the legal DOD/NSA/CSS 02/01 specifications for government use. This added security ensures that any paper you place through the 10 ¼" feed will be destroyed, cut into tiny 0.8mm x 4.5mm particles (1/32" x 11/64"). In addition to the security, this paper shredding machine can run at speeds up to 9 reams of paper per hour and cut through up to 6 sheets of paper at a time, quietly. It runs at a less than 55 db(A) noise level, so will not disrupt staff or clients when in use, even when placed close. This Silentec® technology, along with a variety of additional features, make the Intimus® 60CP7 shredder the best shredder choice for small to medium sized offices that require high-security shredding.

Intimus® Pro 60CP7 Features:

  • i-Control - A unique control panel that offers simple operation (power, reverse, and forward) as well as lets you know when maintenance may be needed on your machine with indicator lights for a paper jam, oiling required, door open, overheating, or bin overload.
  • EcoLogic - Energy-saving technology that minimizes energy required to use the shredder by allowing the user to program a sleep-mode setting after a selected period of time.
  • Silentec - As mentioned previously, the quiet operation is achieved with this unique noise-muffling technology that won't interfere with employees and is installed on the inside of the shredder, keeping the outside clean, while not interfering with size.
  • DLS (Dynamic Load Sensing) - Assesses the volume of paper being fed to ensure the shredder is running at peak performance, while protecting the shredder from overloading. This sensor will light up green when used properly, yellow when slightly overloaded so you know to reduce the quantity, or red when it is being overloaded to the point that will likely cause paper jams. When the red light is activated, the machine will go into auto-reverse mode so you can reduce the number and sheets, and run them again.
  • EcoLogic
  • EcoLogic

Whether a government office, or just a business with sensitive shredding needs, the 60 CP7 by Intimus is a great choice. Call us at (866)537-2244 with any questions or special requirements, or buy the Intimus 60CP7 high security paper shredder online at Binding101 today.


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