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Intimus® Shredder Oil (Price per Case)


When you buy Intimus® shredder oil online, you invest in the easiest and least expensive way to perform preventative maintenance on your paper shredding machine. Shredder oil will keep your shredder running at the most quiet level, as well as smoothly, lubricating the cutting shafts and extending their life by keeping them sharp and cleaning paper dust, keeping it performing at peak performance. This shredder lubricating oil was manufacturing as a non-detergent and high-cling formula that was specifically made for shredders. Available in different sizes for your convenience; either a 16 ounce bottle that comes in a case of twelve, or a 1 gallon bottle that comes in a case of four. To use the oil, just saturate a sheet of paper on both sides and run it through the shredder, or squirt the oil directly into the feed opening and run pages through afterward to completely coat the cutter shafts. Start protecting your shredder investment with shredder oil.

Shredder oil is not returnable, all sales are final.

Product Name Price Qty
16 oz. Intimus® Shredder Oil (Case of 12) Item#55INOIL999994
1 Gal. Intimus® Shredder Oil (Case of 4) Item#55INOIL78839

Product Description


Keep your Intimus® shredders running as smoothly as possible with shredder oil. In addition to keeping the shredder running smoothly, it eliminates paper dust and keeps the shredder quiet and clean, extending the life. This shredding lubricant oil is specially mixed to be a non-detergent and high-cling formula. It is designed to clean debris off of the cutting shafts and keep them in peak performance at all times. One case of shredder oil contains either twelve individual 1-pint (16 oz) plastic squirt bottles with an easy to use, flip-out spout, or with four individual 1-gallon oil bottles.


Manufacturer Intimus®
Manufacturer Part Number INTOILGRP
Compatible Equipment Compatible with All Shredders
Shipping Weight (lbs) 15

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