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Intimus® 45 CC3 Cross Cut Level 3 Small Office Shredder

Item #: 04MYI45CC3

The Intimus® 45 CC3 is a professional and powerful desk side paper shredder that is perfect to sit in a small department or office that may have between two to five daily users. It features all of the standard Intimus® shredder benefits, which include a low noise level that won't disrupt your staff, an integrated automatic reverse feature to prevent jams, the i-control® advanced user interface, energy-saving technology, and much more. With the Intimus® 45CC3 you can shred up to 18 sheets of standard 20 lb. bond paper at a time, as well as power through CDs, DVDs and credit cards. It has an 11.9 gallon waste bin and a 10 ¼" feed opening to handle traditional letter size paper and larger. It is a cross cut shredder that creates security level 3 particles measuring 3.96mm x 25.4mm, for great data destruction of sensitive materials. If you need a user-friendly, safe, and durable paper shredder for your desk side or small office, buy the Intimus® 45 CC3 cross cut shredder online.


Product Description


If you need a secure way to destroy sensitive personal and staff documents, but can't warrant an investment into a large office shredder for your smaller volume needs, consider buying the Intimus® 45 CC3 shredder online. It is the perfect desk side shredding machine for between two to five daily users, shredding paper, cd's, and credit cards at a level 3 security level, which creates small 5/32" x 1 ¹³/₃₂" (3.96mm x 25.4mm) shred particles (DIN 32757-1). The paper feed opening is 10 ¼" wide, which is the idea width for letter size 8 ½" x 11" paper, allowing for some wiggle room when pages are inserted askew. All you have to do to use the Intimus® 45 CC3 shredder is turn on the shredder, press the forward button, and insert your materials into the feed. The shredder grabs your items and pulls them through, destroying them in the process.

One huge reason why the 45CC3 shredding machine is popular is the low-noise level, which averages less than 55 decibels and won't interfere with your work day while it is in use. It also has an i-control® panel that is easy to use with just three simple buttons including power, forward, and reverse, as well as indicator lights that tell you when the machine needs service, including oiling, emptying the waste bin, and more. These, along with many other Intimus® shredder advanced technology features, make the 45CC3 an ideal solution for anyone who needs to protect their own security, as well as the security of other staff members and their company.

Advanced Technology Features
   • i-control® - an advanced user interface panel that notifies the user of shred operations
   • EcoLogic - energy-saving technology that minimizes energy and run costs
   • Silentec® - noise-reduction technology that keeps the shredder especially quiet
   • DLS - dynamic load sensing technology that keeps the user informed on how the shredder is performing
   • 2x2 Cut Collect - making this a multi-bin shredder so that multimedia is kept separate from paper


Item # 04MYI45CC3
Manufacturer Intimus®
Manufacturer Part Number 45CC3
Included Supplies & Accessories 110ml Starter Bottle of Oil
Qty.4 Shredder Bags
Compatible Supplies & Accessories Shredder Oil
Power Voltage 110 V / 120 V
Castors Yes
Dimensions 17 ¾" W x 15 ⅖" D x 26" H
Certifications CE
Manufacturer's Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty
Lifetime Limited Warranty on Cutting Cylinders
Suggested User Small Office
Recommended Daily Users 2-5 Daily Users
Cut Type Cross Cut
Security Level Level 3 [DIN 32757-1]
Feed Opening 10 ¼"
Shred Size 5/32" x 1 ¹³/₃₂" [3.96mm x 25.4mm]
Capacity: Shredders 18 Sheets
Cuts Through Paper
Credit Cards
CD & DVD Discs
Paper Clips
Shred Speed 16 Feet / Minute
Anti-Jam Features Reverse Button
DLS Dynamic Load Sensor
Auto-reverse when Overloaded
Safety Features Door Open Detection
Waste Bin Capacity 11.9 Gallons
Operating Noise < 55 db(A)
Product Weight (lbs) 73
Shipping Weight (lbs) 86

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