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MBM GoCrease™ SEMI Programmable Creasing & Perforating Machine


GoCrease™ SEMI Programmable Creasing & Perforating Machine
GoCrease™ SEMI Features
GoCrease™ SEMI Preset Crease Locations + Fold Types
GoCrease™ SEMI: Rotate the Creasing Tool to Switch the Creasing Width
GoCrease™ SEMI Control Panel
GoCrease™ SEMI with 8 Language Settings
GoCrease™ SEMI In-Action

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The GoCrease™ SEMI by MBM Corporation is a semi-automatic creasing and perforating machine that offers unique anvil-style pressure for an extremely accurate finish without adding any extra damage to your sheet. This solid bar pressure reduces paper fiber and ink cracking, so your print will be professional from edge to edge. It is capable of working with a wide variety of paper sizes from 3 ⁹/₁₀" to 18" wide and 39" long. The GoCrease™ SEMI features a programmable touch screen that makes setting it up for a job fast and simple. There are pre-programmed settings for measurements to accomplish popular folds, and an additional five custom pre-sets can be stored in the programmable memory for frequently repeated jobs. With a motorized feed tray, you can set the GoCrease™ SEMI up to your desired crease or score locations, and walk away while it runs. Offering more versatility than most other machines in its class, this machine can not only perforate and crease, but offers creasing with three different widths (0.04", 0.05", and 0.063") and can be set up to create as many as 15 hits per sheet. For one of the most resourceful options on the market that is also capable at running at speeds up to 1,500 sheets per hour*, buy the MBM GoCrease™ SEMI programmable creasing and perforating machine online.

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GoCrease™ SEMI Programmable Creasing & Perforating Machine

MBM GoCrease™ SEMI Programmable Creasing & Perforating Machine





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