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GBC® Arctic® Lo-Tack Pressure Sensitive Mounting Adhesive Rolls (1 Roll)


If you need a low-tack adhesive solution for your temporary window graphics and more, the GBC® Arctic® lo-tack film is a great choice. These pressure sensitive mounting adhesive rolls offer an easy-to-apply and easy-to-remove solution that makes them a favorite among retails shops and school classrooms that need to apply temporary graphics or promotions for windows and other display areas. It has been specially formulated with a unique texture that includes small grooves in the adhesive, allowing trapped air to escape for easy installation and preventing residue build up for short term graphics, making clean up between displays a breeze. For your extra large temporary window signs, try using a hand roller / brayer for the smoothest finish. If you want to use the easiest and cleanest temporary adhesive, then buy the GBC® Arctic® lo-tack mounting adhesive rolls online today.

Product Name Price Qty
38" x 150' GBC® Arctic® Lo-Tack Mounting Adhesive (1 Roll) Item#80GBCALTM38150
51" x 150' GBC® Arctic® Lo-Tack Mounting Adhesive (1 Roll) Item#80GBCALTM51150

Arctic® Lo-Tack FAQs

Q: Are both sides temporary adhesive?
One side features unique lo-tack adhesive with grooves for air-escape that is meant to be applied to your display surface, and the other side is a permanent adhesive meant to be applied to your print.


Product Description


GBC® Arctic® mounting adhesive is a favorite choice among retail store owners, elementary schools, and more. The unique grooves in the adhesive surface not only make the adhesive easy to peel off the liner and remove from most smooth surfaces, but also make it easier to apply without the risk of bubbles. You can simply apply it by hand, or use a hand roller for larger display items. These small grooves let any trapped air escape from below the adhesive, so you get a smooth and professional finish. The low-tack pressure sensitive adhesive is engineered as a temporary adhesive solution, making it ideal for changing promotional posters and sale signs, displaying class artwork for different projects, and more. It works best on glass surfaces such as windows and glass doors, and is easily peeled off with little or no residue clean up required. The roll features a permanent adhesive on one side that should be applied to your graphic, and a temporary low-tack adhesive on the other that should be applied to your window or other surface.

   • Ideal for windows graphics, temporary decorations, sale promotions, and more
   • Adhesive features small grooves that allow trapped air to escape
   • Easily applied by hand or with a hand roller


Manufacturer GBC®
Manufacturer Part Number GBCARCLOTK GRP
Quantity 1 Roll
Color Clear
Product Type Adhesive Rolls
Core Size 3" Core
Adhesive Type Removable / Permanent

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