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Wall Mount Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Sheets (Pack of 10)

Item #: 80AGMWA-GRP

Wall mount adhesive sheets are used for temporary mounting direct to vertical surfaces such as walls, windows and other non-porous materials. Double sided adhesive sheets are pressure sensitive, so they require no heat to apply... all you need to do is peel the adhesive liner and press it onto your surfaces. One side of the adhesive is considered permanent, and should be used for your print or poster. The other side of the adhesive is removable, which is meant for the hanging surface, as it can easily be pulled from walls and smooth painter surfaces without leaving a residue. A great alternative to messy and heat activated adhesives, these smooth sheet adhesives come in two different sizes and can be cut-down to any size you need. Buy wall mount adhesive sheets only today, they are sold in packs of 10 sheets.

Product Name Price Qty
Wall Mount Adhesive Sheets [18" x 24"] (10/Pk) Item#80AGMWA1824
Wall Mount Adhesive Sheets [24" x 36"] (10/Pk) Item#80AGMWA2436

Wall Mount Adhesive FAQs

Q: You don't have the size I need...what should I do?
Our wall mount adhesive sheets can be easily cut down to fit your smaller prints with scissors. For larger prints, just place multiple sheets next to each other.


Q: How do I ensure there are no air bubbles?
Preventing air bubbles starts with a straight placement. Then apply gradually increased pressure from the center and working your way to the corners and edges. Then from edge to edge and corner to corner. If you are working with larger prints, you can use a brayer hand roller.


Product Description


Wall mount adhesive sheets offer a fast and clean solution for mounting temporary promotional prints and posters to walls, glass, and other non-porous surfaces. They are simple peel-and-stick adhesive sheets that don't require any heat or special equipment for application, making them popular for retail shops and small stores of all kinds. The adhesive is two-sided; one side feature a strong, permanent bond that is meant for your print, and the other offers a removable bond that should be applied to your wall or other display surface. The unique adhesive formulation requires no special clean-up once removes, and offers a great alternative to other messy or heat activated adhesives. We offer self stick wall mount adhesive sheets in two popular sizes including 18" x 24" and 24" x 36", which can easily be cut down to fit smaller posters, or placed next to each other for larger ones.


Item # 80AGMWA-GRP
Manufacturer Stover Graphics
Manufacturer Part Number 80AGMWAGRP
Quantity 10 Pieces
Color Clear
Product Type Adhesive Sheets
Adhesive Type Removable / Permanent

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