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Fastback® Perfectback™ LF Lay Flat Strips for Model 20 (Price per Case)


Fastback® Perfectback™ LF binding strips are unique, in that they leave a gap between the edge of you book block and the cover itself, which allows for the soft cover book to lay flat on your table without having to fold the cover or wear out the adhesive. Pair these lay flat binding strips with your Model 20 to create a beautiful perfect bound soft cover book. The spine hinges separate from the book block, easily opening for easy readability flat on your table. Attaching the cover to your book block does not require any heat, so you can use them with heat-sensitive covers and inks. Just simply peel off the adhesive liner, and press it onto your cover. Perfectback™ LF lay flat binding strips are 11" long for letter size documents, and available in either narrow, medium, or wide capacities.

Product Name Price Qty
Fastback® Perfectback™ LF Strip [Narrow, 11"] (500 Pk) Item#56FBPBLFN
Fastback® Perfectback™ LF Strip [Medium, 11"] (400 Pk) Item#56FBPBLFM
Fastback® Perfectback™ LF Strip [Wide, 11"] (300 Pk) Item#56FBPBLFW

Packaged Quantities

Strip SizeCapacity*Qty / Box
Narrow 10-125 Sheets
[Up to 1/2" Thick]
500 Strips
Medium 10-250 Sheets
[Up to 1" Thick]
400 Strips
Wide 10-350 Sheets
[Up to 1 ½" Thick]
300 Strips

Product Description


Fastback® Perfectback™ LF Strips are the best choice for when you need your books to lay flat on their backs ("LF" stands for "lay flat"). The patented binding strip is designed to allow the book block to hinge freely from the spine (much like a hard cover book), leaving a gap that allows your book to lay completely flat on your table without requiring folds in the spine, or pulling and wearing down the adhesive. With Perfectback™ LF strips, you get a book that opens for easy reading, making it an ideal choice for manuals, cookbooks, sheet music, school books, or anywhere you need a book that can stay open hands-free to a specific page. With the perfect back LF strip, the wraparound cover is not thermally bound, so you can use heat-sensitive cover materials to make your own custom wrap-around cover.

Perfectback™ LF binding strips are compatible with the Fastback® MOdel 20 binding machine, and are 11" long for standard letter size books. The spines come in three different widths for different book capacities, including narrow (for 3-125 sheets*), medium (for 126-250 sheets*), and wide (for 251-350 sheets*).


* Approximation based on standard 20 lb. bond copy paper. May vary depending on paper stock.


Manufacturer Powis Parker
Manufacturer Part Number N1P1-LF, M1P1-LF, W1P1-LF
Brand Name Fastback®
Quantity Varies by Size
Compatible Equipment Fastback® 20 Binding Machine
Binding Style Fastback® Thermal Tape Binding
Length 11"
Fastback Supply Type Perfectback Strips
Strip Capacity Narrow: 3 - 125 Sheets* [Up to 1/2" Thick Book]
Medium: 126 - 250 Sheets* [1/2" to 1" Thick Book]
Wide: 251 - 350 Sheets* [1" to 1 ½" Thick Book]
Compatible Sheet Size(s) Letter Size [8 ½" W x 11" H]

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