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Glue Dots® EconoDot & Auto Dot Pro Refills (Price per Roll)


Buy Glue Dots® refills online for your EconoDot and Auto Dot Pro adhesive applicators. They are available in a low profile style, which is a very thin adhesive that lets you bond level items together and keep them as smooth as possible. You can choose from either standard 1/2" Glue Dots® or value 3/8" glue dots that offer double the amount of dots per roll, so you can change out the roll less frequently. EconoDot Glue Dots® are stocked in either high tack or super high tack adhesive strengths, for semi-permanent applications where strength of hold is important. Start using the innovative Glue Dots® today - they require no heat and no dry time with simple press-to-stick application, and can be used on a huge variety of substrates for packaging, shipping, marketing, and so much more.

Product Name Price Qty
3/8" EconoDot & Auto Dot Pro Refill [Low Profile, High Tack] (8000 Dots / Roll) Item#06GLUED31308
3/8" EconoDot & Auto Dot Pro Refill [Low Profile, Super High Tack] (8000 Dots / Roll) Item#06GLUED41308
1/2" EconoDot & Auto Dot Pro Refill [Low Profile, Super High Tack] (4000 Dots / Roll) Item#06GLUED41404

EconoDot & Auto Dot Pro Glue Dots® Refill FAQs:

Q: What adhesive strengths are available?
We offer two different adhesive strengths (called tack levels) for the EconoDot and Auto Dot Pro refill rolls. The high tack, which creates a semi-permanent bond that may tear paper when removed, and a super-high tack that creates a permanent bond to most substrates and will tear paper when it is removed.


Product Description


These Glue Dots® Refill Rolls are compatible with the Auto Dot and EconoDot adhesive applicators.  These Refills are stocked in low profile. Medium and high profiles are available by special order. Low profile dots range from 12 to 20 mils thick, medium profile dots range from 35 to 55 mils and high profile dots range from 80 to 100 mils (hint: 1 mil = 1/1000").

Once you choose your Dot Shot Pro profile, choose a tack level that is right for your application. High Tack Glue Dots® and Super High Tack Glue Dots® are stocked to create a permanent bond, which will tear paper when removed. Low tack and medium tack are available by special order.


Manufacturer Glue Dots®
Manufacturer Part Number ECONOREFILL GRP
Quantity 1 Roll
Compatible Equipment EconoDot
Auto Dot Pro
Product Type Glue Dots
Thickness Low Profile [12-20 mils]
Adhesive Shape Circle
Dry Time No Dry Time Required
Tack Level High Tack
Super-High Tack
Shipping Weight (lbs) 1
Product Weight (lbs) .5

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