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Akiles Diamond 6 Electric Corner Rounder (Includes 1 Free Die)

Item #: 04AKCRRDD6

Diamond 6 Electric Corner Rounder - Binding101
Diamond 6 Corner Rounder Features - Binding101
Diamond 6 Knife with Pad - Binding101

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Considered to be a premium desktop corner rounding machine, the Diamond 6 corner rounder offers electric action on a table-top level for a compact unit to work well in offices, print shops, photo studios and more. With one free 1/4" die included with your purchase, and a variety of other Diamond 6 dies available, the Diamond 6 rounding machine can create smooth, rounded corners on paper and plastic stacks up to a 2 ⅜" thick, which amounts to about 600 sheets of standard copy paper. It's large 12 ⅝" x 11 ¾" table offers a stable work space for even larger sheets. This high capacity desktop corner rounder has safety features to keep all of your operators safe, including a shield that, when open, prevents the machine from being activated. With no operator strain, they simply need to place their materials square against the back gauges and tab the foot pedal with their foot or hand. For a durable and trusted desktop corner rounding machine, consider buying the Akiles Diamond 6 electric corner rounder online.

Diamond 6 Electric Corner Rounder - Binding101

Akiles Diamond 6 Electric Corner Rounder (Includes 1 Free Die)




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