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Deluxe Book Repair Kit

Item #: 06BRSDBRK

Deluxe Book Repair Kit - Buy101

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The Deluxe Book Repair Kit includes everything you need to repair damaged books, such as a how-to guide to tell you how to repair the most common book damages, cloth tape, specialty tapes and adhesives, end sheets, corner protection and so much more, including a carrying case to keep everything organized and together. This premium book repair package has all the essentials to help you repair hard cover and soft cover books. Extensive book repair to restore books back to near-original condition is made easy with these tools and supply items. This kit is popular for libraries in schools and universities, as well as collectors. The chart below outlines everything included in this kit, and if you check the "product description" tab below, you can see full details. Ready to start repairing and caring for damaged books? Buy the deluxe book repair kit online today. Additional book repair kits are also available.

The Deluxe Book Repair Kit Includes:
•  1 Guide to Book Care & Repair
•  2 Rolls of Cloth Tape [3" x 15 yds, 1 Black & 1 Blue]
•  2 Rolls of Cloth Tape [2" x 15 yds, 1 Green & 1 Red]
•  1 Roll of 3M™ #845 Book Tape [3" x 15 yds]
•  1 Roll of 3M™ #810 Magic Transparent Tape [3/4" x 36 yds]
•  1 Roll of Paper Hinge Tape [1" x 60 yds]
•  1 Roll of Tyvek® Single-Stitched Binder Tape [1 ½" x 25']
•  1 Bottle of Bind-Art® Adhesive [8 oz. Bottle]
•  24 Book Repair Wings [Transparent]
•  96 Reddi-Corners [Transparent]
•  20 Paste Cloths [12" H x 12" W]
•  50 Sheets of Wax Paper [6" H x 9" W]
•  50 End Sheets [6" H x 9" W]
•  1- H-Bands [Natural Color]
•  1 Carrying Case




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